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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

زهره فنی، محسن احدنژاد روشتی، شهرزاد مقدم
رتبه‌بندی مناطق شهری و شناسایی عوامل رضایت شهروندان از عملکرد اتوبوسرانی زنجان (با استفاده از الگوی تلفیقی کانو– تاپسیس)
Ranking Urban Regions and Identifying Citizens’ Satisfaction Factors Concerning the Performance of Bus Transportation in Zanjan City Using the Kano-TOPSIS Integrated Model

Developments in the urbanization phenomenon have resulted in more complicated urban problems, making the issue of urban transportation one of the main concerns for urban planners. As a result, providing appropriate transportation structures as well as encouraging the citizens to use various means of public transport has become one of the significant challenges urban managers face (Beyti, Panahi, & Salimi, 2014). Transportation is one of the preconditions of economic and social development (Sharafi, Yaghafouri, Jafari, & Gordani, 2013). Its geographical purpose is to overcome space (Ziari, Manoochehri, Mohammadpoor, Ebrahimpoor & Ebrahimpoor, 2011) and its transportation planning aim is to provide access (Seifodini & Shoorcheh, 2014). Consequently, fair-minded planning with emphasis on providing everyone’s rights and interests in urban development is necessary for designing a public transportation system, especially bus system (Khalilabadi, 2011).



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