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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد؛ مینا جعفری؛ نسرین جعفری
ارزیابی توسعه درونزای بافت مرکزی شهرها با تأکید بر شاخص‌های کیفیت زندگی؛ مطالعه موردی بافت مرکزی شهر زنجان
Evaluation of the Infill Development Inner-cities texture with emphasis on quality of life indicators case study: Inner-city texture of Zanjan

Considering disregard of urban management for central textures of cities as a part of important and outdated texture, these centers have faced with variety of difficulties (such as traffic, air pollution, ruined properties, abandoned properties and etc.) which have decreased the level of quality of life in such places. One approach in recent years regarding this concern was the strategy of inborn development. The current research evaluates the inborn development of central urban texture emphasizing the standards of quality of life. The research is an applied research, and the method of research is descriptive-analytic and the statistical population of the research is the family’s resident in the central texture of Zanjan city where 301 out of 4529 family’s resident in central texture were selected by Cochran sampling method as the sample. In this research, data gathering method was library and field study (questionnaire, interview and observation) and descriptive statistics and inferential statistics (pair-t-test, Wilcoxon and Pearson correlation tests) were used for data analysis. The results of paired-t-test and Wilcoxon represent the desirability of quality of life in the period after inborn development compared to its prior one. So that T statistic was -60/82 and Z statistic was -14/61. This is confirmed according to 99 percent significance level. Besides these results, the results of Pearson correlation test also show that there is a significant relation between facilities accessibility and quality of life. The rate of this relation before inborn development was 0/647 which reached 0/531.



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