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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

سعید ملکی، سعيد ملكي، محسن احدنژاد، سميرا مرادي مفرد
ارزيابي كيفيت محيطي مقصدهاي گردشگري شهري در راستاي توسعه پايدار: مورد مطالعه: شهرستان شوشتر
Analysis and assessment of environmental quality Urban Tourist Destinations In line with sustainable development (Case study: Shushtar)

Tourism development in urban areas of different components affected, including the environmental quality of these areas which is effective in the satisfaction of local residents and tourists. So check the environmental quality indicators Tourism can be Power, needs and weaknesses in these environments Based on satisfaction Or disturbing the urban environment And ensure the stability of these neighborhoods Because tourists, considering the nature of tour ism, Looking for fun And leisure are combined with pleasure. For this purpose, they are mostly looking for destinations have the highest level of environmental quality. The purpose of this research investigating the role of environmental quality in tourism in Shushtar. In terms of purpose, the type of applied research and the method is descriptive-analytic. In order to collect the required data two documentary and field methods (questionnaire tool) have been used. Also the tool is used in analyzing information, using descriptive and inferential statistical methods in the Excell environment and using the Spss software is used. The statistical population of the study is two groups of tourists and urban households in Shushtar. T test results show single sample which are some of the quality indicators of the city of Shushtar From the perspective of both sample societies Research is higher than average Meanwhile, the highest average was due to the functional-structural quality(3.562), Environmental quality(3.281), Tourist Attractions(3.191), And security and comfort(3.114), have been. Also, the results of Spearman's correlation test indicate this the highest correlation and positive and significant relation between sustainable development index and functional-structural quality with coefficient .0537 and with a confidence level .099 There is. In addition, Friedman's test showed Low level of environmental quality dimensions of the study area less than moderate in size, Tourist attractions, safety and comfort, social and visual environment And above average in terms of functional-structural quality And the quality of the environment. Key words: environmental quality, tourism, city, sustainable development, Shushtar



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