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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احد نژاد؛ اصغر تیموری؛ حسین طهماسبی مقدم
تحلیل فضایی شاخص‌های کیفیت مسکن در نواحی شهری با رویکرد مسکن پایدار (مورد پژوهی: شهر زنجان)
Spatial analysis of housing quality indices with emphasis on sustainable housing approach (Case study: zanjan city)

Urbanization is the global phenomena of the millennia and it is for the first time that more than half of the world population live in urban areas from the beginning of the history. The rapid and continuous trend of Urbanization filed the increased urbanized areas in developing areas face unsustainability problem. To manage this unsustainability, the sustainable development paradigm has gained ground more than ever. Housing as a physio-social infrastructure has a critical role in the sustainability process and it proves the nesseccity of this research. This paper aims at analyzing the housing quality indices of Zanjan from a sustainability point of view. The research is survey based and the data gathered through documentary method. The field study and documentary data analyzed in ArcGIS environment with the todim model. The findings indicate that the informal settlements suffer from low sustainability. Of the total number of hoses in Zanjan, 14 % has very good sustainability, 36% has good sustainability, 27% has moderate sustainability, 8% has weak sustainability and 15% has very weak sustainability situation. Finally, some strategies have been suggested to improve the sustainability of housing quality indices.    [English]housing, Sustainable, Tedim Model, ArcGIS, Zanjan City



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