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Saleh Mobayen

Mofid, O., Mobayen, S., Khooban, M.H.
Sliding mode disturbance observer control based on adaptive synchronization in a class of fractional-order chaotic systems

In this paper, a fractional‐order Dadras‐Momeni chaotic system in a class of three‐dimensional autonomous differential equations has been considered. Later, a design technique of adaptive sliding mode disturbance‐observer for synchronization of a fractional‐order Dadras‐Momeni chaotic system with time‐varying disturbances is presented. Applying the Lyapunov stability theory, the suggested control technique fulfils that the states of the fractional‐order master and slave chaotic systems are synchronized hastily. While the upper bounds of disturbances are unknown, an adaptive regulation scheme is advised to estimate them. The recommended disturbance‐observer realizes the convergence of the disturbance approximation error to the origin. Finally, simulation results are presented in one example to demonstrate the efficiency of the offered scheme on the fractional‐order Dadras‐Momeni chaotic system in the existence of external disturbances.  



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