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Naser Dalali

~Tooba Rezazadeh, Naser Dalali , Negar Sehati
~Investigation of adsorption performance of graphene oxide/polyaniline reinforced hollow fiber membrane for preconcentration of Ivermectin in some environmental samples

~Herein, the application of Graphene oxide-polyaniline (GO/PANI) in one of newly hollow fiber based microextraction techniques so called (HF-S/LPME) was investigated successfully. Graphene oxide-polyaniline (GO/PANI) nanocomposite was generated via an amidation reaction in the presence of N, N′- dicyclohexylcarbodiimide (DCC), N-hydroxysuccinimide (NHS) and GO as starting material. The solid sorbent dispersed in dihexyl ether was immersed and injected into the lumen of hollow fiber. The results indicated that GO/PANI had a higher adsorption efficiency for the Ivermectin in comparison with GO and GO-ethylen diamine (GO/EDA). A Taguchi experimental design with an OAD16 (45) matrix was employed to optimize the affecting parameters such as pH, stirring rate, extraction time, salt addition and the volume of donor phase. Under the optimized extraction conditions, the method showed a good linear dynamic range (0.1–5000.0 ppb) with a lower limit of detection (0.03 ppb) and excellent preconcentration factor (PF = 219.88) respectively.



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