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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

وحید یاری قلی ؛ محسن احدنژاد روشتی؛ ژیلا سجادی
تحلیل و ارزیابی شاخص های زیست پذیری در نواحی شهری مطالعه موردی: نواحی 23 گانه شهر زنجان
Evaluation of urban livability indicators, case study: Zanjan city region نویسندگان [English]

Today, cities are facing many challenges in the field of economic, social and environmental issues. Meanwhile, the population growth accompanied with the growing ratio of urbanization has brought about pernicious consequences for the cities. The continuity of this kind of urbanization growth along with the existing social, economic and environmental problems is crisis creator and a warning to the unsustainability of cities. Therefore, the necessity and importance of livability and sustainable development issue in cities is quite apparent. The purpose of this study is evaluating the objective indicators of livability in Zanjan city regions. The method of this research is descriptive-analytical and in terms of purpose is Practical. Statistical population of research is the regions of Zanjan city. In order to extract the research indicators, the land use map and the Statistical Yearbook of 1390 in Zanjan have been used. The Research data have been analyzed in accordance with a multi-criteria decision making Todim model. The results of the study show that according to the criteria for assessment of livability in 25 urban regions of Zanjan, The regions in the north and northeast due to the low age and the new residential context, which have a local system and regular access network, have a status higher than Average But the central and southern regions of the city that cover the old and historical neighborhoods due to the old and sometimes problematic texture are with lower than Average conditions in most of indicators are evaluated. Overall, 12 urban regions with an area of 49.7% of the total city And the population of 191328 has a tolerable and acceptable status, 9 urban regions with an area of 38% of the total city and the population of 155819 with an unfavorable and unacceptable situation and The two urban regions with an area of 12.3% of the total city and a population of 57042 are in Average status in terms of livability indicators.



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