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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی، محمدتقی حیدری، محمدصادق عزیزی
ارزیابی توسعۀ پارک‌های جیبی با رویکرد مشارکت شهروندان در محلات شهری (مطالعۀ موردی: محلات زیباشهر و امیرکبیر شهر زنجان)
Evaluation of the development of pocket parks with the approach of the participation of citizens in urban neighborhoods (Case study: Zibashahr and Amirkabir sectors in Zanjan city

Objective:Green spaces and parks should certainly be considered as one of the most fundamental factors in sustainability of natural and human life; if properly planned, they will have a beneficial impact on health of human body and soul. However, the optimal allocation of land to green space in cities is one of the most important tasks of urban planners. This study proposed the approach of developing pocket parks through citizen participation as one of the most effective ways to compensate for the lack of green space in urban areas.Methods: This was applied descriptive-analytical study. The library study and field observation (structured interview using questionnaire) was conducted for collecting the data. The study was conducted in Zibashahr and Amir Kabir (population= 13907). The sample size was determined to be 374 people. Due to similar population at two regions, 187 questionnaires were distributed at each region. Using SPSS software, the one sample t-test, ANOVA, and path analysis method were used for analyzing the data. Results: The findings showed that the impact coefficient of indices on development of pocket parks in Zabashahr and Amir Kabir neighborhoods is equal to 26.98 and 25.5, respectively. On the other hand, according to path analysis, the NGO component (total effect= 0.507) and sense of belonging (total effect= 0.432) had the highest impact on development of pocket parks in study area. Conclusion: The findings showed that the contribution in development of Zibashahr and Amir Kabir areas may be a source of reassurance for development of pocket parks. Keywords: Pocket Park, Citizen Participation, Sustainable Development, Zanjan City



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