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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد،سعید نجفی ،حجت محمدی ترکمانی
تحلیل عوامل موثر بر کیفیت زندگی شهری (نمونه موردی : محلات اسلام آباد و کارمندان شهر زنجان)
Analysis of factors Affecting the  Urban  Life Quality  (Case study:Islamabad and Karmandan Neighborhoods City of Zanjan)

The emergence Cities of the second great revolution in human culture, a prominent social phenomenon that causes a change in the mutual relations of humans with each other. Quality of life is a complex, multi-dimensional, time and place of the relative influence of individual and social values that are used in different studies with different objectives. The aim of this analysis of the factors affecting the quality of life in neighborhoods of the Zanjan city (neighborhoods Islamabad and karmandan). The research is descriptive - analytical use of library resources and data survey. The data entered into the software Spss and then to analyze the factors affecting from Criteria Decision Models, AHP and independent t-test and significant impact criteria used path analysis. First, the results suggest that social factors, cultural, religious, physical, environmental, economic and physical factors influencing the lives of the residents of the neighborhood have been effective, and secondly Physical indicators has the highest impact on improving the quality of life in neighborhoods.



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