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Mohsen Ahadnejad Reveshty

محسن احدنژاد روشتی،سعید نجفی
شناسایی عوامل کلیدی مؤثر بر وضعیت آیندۀ کیفیت زندگی سکونتگاه‌های شهری با تاکید بر کاربرد آینده‌پژوهی. نمونۀ موردی: محلات کارمندان و اسلام آباد شهر زنجان
Identification of Key Factors Affecting the Future Status of Quality of Life in Urban Settlements with an Emphasis on Future Studies (Case Study: Karmandan and Islamabad neighborhoods City of Zanjan)

The re-emergence of the issue of quality of life in recent years is due to the interest in human development, social development, sustainable development, the health community, and so on. In this regard, this research intends to plan using the special forecasting methods for settlements in Zanjan city based on a new perspective of planning. The method of research based on new methods of futures studies is explanatory. Factors were evaluated by 30 urban planners and experts, using environmental scans, analyzing interactive / structural effects And the MICMAC Futuristics Specialist Software has been used to analyze the effective factors of the future location of urban settlements. The results showed that the dispersion status of the variables affecting the future status of the quality of life in urban settlements is different. In the neighborhood of Islamabad, the state of the system is unstable and most of the variables are dispersed around the diameter of the plate and While in the Karmandn neighborhood distribution area, variables follow the form of a stable system and variables are partially in the form L distributed. Among the 34 surveyed agents, in Karmandan neighborhood 9 and in the neighborhood of Islamabad, 12 major factors were selected as the key factors affecting the future quality of life situation which all factors are repeated in both direct and indirect ways. The findings showed that in the Karmandan neighborhood, most social factors, such as the factors of participation, identity, local councils, good urban governance, have been raised While in the neighborhood of Islamabad economic factors (including land and housing prices, employment of residents) And physical (including construction based on the laws of the engineering system, per capita and user levels, supervision during construction, ownership (capture security), housing quality) As key factors affecting the quality of future life of these settlements.



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