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Mohammad Reza YAFTIAN

Mohammad Reza YAFTIAN

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Phase Eauilibria Research Laboratory, Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, University of Zanjan, Postal Code 45371-38791, Zanjan, I. R. Iran


 Our research works focused mainly on Environmental aspects of Analytical Chemistry including,  application of macrocyclic compounds in monitoring of heavy metal ions. Application of natural as well as synthetic adsorbents in oredr to removal of toxic chemical species (organic, inorganic and drugs) is formed another part of our interests. Sample preparation methods including various microextraction techniques combined with HPLC, GC, AAS, IMS, ... are a part of research activities in our laboratory. We are involved in the application of QCM technique as a tool for study certain bilogical interactions. Besides, modification of cathod and anode in Li/S batteries are new projects under investigation by two PhD candidates. A joint research project on th edevelopment nd study of polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) for the environmental monitoring and remediation of heavyy metals is satarted from 2016 with Prof. Kolev at the University of Melbourne, Australia.