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Last Update: 10-7-2016
Masters Courses - International Students

Faculty of Science
Mathematical Statistics
Applied Mathematics
Pure Mathematics- Analysis
Pure Mathematics-Algebra
Pure Mathematics-Geometry
Pure Mathematics-Graph and Combinatories
Pure Mathematics-Number Theory
Applied Mathematics- Differential Equation
Geology -Petrology
Animal Biosystematics
Plant Physiology
Stratigraphy and Archeology
Applied Chemistry
Polymer Chemistry
Physical Chemistry
Organic Chemistry
Inorganic Chemistry
Analytical Chemistry
Physics- Solid
Physics-Condensed Matter
Physics -Nuclear Physics
Physics-Pure/ Fundamental Physics
Physics -Computational Nano-Physics
Physics-Atomic and Molecular
Environmental sciences


Faculty of Agriculture
Plant Breeding
Agronomy- Crop Ecology
Agricultural Biotechnology
Plant Breeding- Genetics Biometry
Animal Genetics and Biotechnology
Animal Physiology
Animal Nutrition
Livestock Management
Animal Breeding
Agricultural Extension and Education
Rural Development
Vegetable Science/ olericulture
Ornamental Science
Medicinal Plant Science
Plant Pathology
Agricultural Entomology
Soil Genes and Classification
Soil Chemistry and Fertility
Soil Physics and Conservation
Food Science and Technology
Food Technology
Irrigation and Drainage Engineering
Hydro-Structural Engineering


Faculty of Engineering
Electronics -Microelectronics
Electronics-Digital systems
Power electronics and Machine Drive
Power Systems and High Voltage
Electrical Engineering-Control
Bioelectronics Engineering
Hydraulic Structures Engineering
Highway&Transportation Engineering
Structural Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering
Computer Engineering – Software Engineering
Mining Engineering-  Rock Mechanics
Applied (Solid) Mechanics
Thermo Fluids Science
Manufacturing Technology (Manufacturing and Production)


Faculty of Humanities
Persian Language and Literature
Ethics- Ethics Philosophy
Religion Philosophy
Philosophy&Islamic Theology
Islamic Civilization and Culture History
History- Iran's Islamic History
English Education
General Psychology
Physical Education and Sports Science- SportPhysiology
Human Resource Management
Business Management
Natural Geography- Geomorphology
Natural Geography-Climatology –Synoptic
Natural Geography-Applied Climatology
Urban Planning and Geography
Urban Planning and Geography- Urban SpatialPlanning
Rural Planning and Geography- Spatial Economics
Rural Planning and Geography-Sustainable Rural Development Management
Rural Planning and Geography-Physical Planning
Geography- Tourism Planning-Regional Planning
Geography- Tourism Planning- Spatial Planning of Tourism Complexes




























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