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Mostafa Charmi

Mehdi Safarpour, Mostafa Charmi, Siroos Toofan, Hamed Nourbakhsh
A New Scalable Image Sharing Scheme Based on Compressed Sensing
یک طرح جدید مقیاس پذیر به اشتراک گذاری تصویر بر پایه حسگری فشرده

This paper presents a novel image sharing method. The proposed method is based on emerging theory of compressed sensing. We have exploited intrinsic features of compressed sensing theory to come up with a new image sharing scheme which provides scalable recovery and generates smaller shadow images (share images). The other potential application of our method is in distributed data storage systems, where instead of security, robust data recovery is needed. Our method does not follow the common practice of secret sharing schemes and is merely based on recovery procedure of compressed sensing theory but it produces comparable results in terms of scalability, shadow sizes and quality. Experimental results show applicability of our method through comparison with similar works and demonstrate this method has smaller shadow sizes without compromising much on the quality of recovered image.



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