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Mostafa Charmi

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
5 Mehdi Azizi In progressElectronic Engineering Face recognition in images and videos using probabilistic feature extraction   SuperVisor
4 Shima Pouyan October  2023Electronic Engineering Prediction of robbery occurrence potential from video images   SuperVisor
3 Maryam Zolfaghari In progressElectronic Engineering Secure data transmission with an evolutionary approach based on chaos theory   SuperVisor
2 Mahnaz Moghaddam March  2022Electronic Emgineering People tracking and re-identification from non-overlaping multi-camera with semantic attributes   SuperVisor
1 Zargham Eini In progressElectronic Engineering Not Yet Defined   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
31 Atefeh Shagholi February  2015Electronic Engineering Human Heart Rate Estimation from Video Images   SuperVisor
30 Dina Armandi June  2016Electronic Engineering Human Activities Recognition in Indoor Volleyball Game   SuperVisor
29 Hamed Sadeghi April  2014Electronic Engineering Classification & Pattern Recognition of PPAR Genes based on Epigenetic Modifications   Advisor
28 Behnam Bastan October  2016Biomedical Engineering Persian Sign Language Words Recognition using Depth Video Images From Kinect   SuperVisor
27 Mehdi Safarpour February  2016Electronic Engineering Design and Simulation of Analog to information Convertor Based on RMPI Architecture   SuperVisor
26 Maryam Khalafi February  2018Electronic Engineering Indoor positioning by using mobile phone and Wi-Fi networks   SuperVisor
25 Masoud Eskandari September  2017Electronic Engineering Out-of-plane deformation measurement of plate buckling by using digital fringe projection technique   SuperVisor
24 Navid Moeinpour September  2017Electronic Engineering Design & implementation of a marker-based infrared optical tracning system   SuperVisor
23 Morteza JahanTigh September  2016Computer Engineering-Software Increasing Classification Accuracy of EEG Signals using Logical Combination of Classifiers by Applying a Genetic Algorithm and Small Decision Trees   SuperVisor
22 Meysam Karami August  2018Biomedical Engineering Design and implementation of mouse motions analysis software in Morris water maze   SuperVisor
21 Seyede Somaye Mosavi September  2018Biomedical Engineering Design and manufacture a mobile-based blood pressure Holter by using electrocardiogram and photoplethysmography signals   SuperVisor
20 Navid Jameh Bozorg July  2018Biomedical Engineering Improvement of mouse activities recognition methods   SuperVisor
19 Alireza Shamshiri February  2018Electronic Engineering Design and construction of electrical stimulus belt in order to stimulate the muscles of the waist to increase endurance and prevent hunchback   SuperVisor
18 Mohsen Taghavi Lakani July  2019Biomedical Engineering Design and implementation of mouse motions analysis software in open field test   SuperVisor
17 Masoumeh Heydari February  2019Biomedical Engineering Mobile-assisted diabetic retinopathy detection using image processing of retinal image   SuperVisor
16 Mostafa Jafari In progressBiomedical Engineering Using modified absolute directional mean difference algorithm to extract candidate areas for detection of microanurism in fundus color images   SuperVisor
15 Farima Azizi March  2019Biomedical Engineering Design and Implementation of Stimulus Software on Mice and the Analysis of Animal’s Movement in Black and White Box   SuperVisor
14 Shiva darjani May  2018Electronic Engineering Detection of minimum number of driver genes in gene regulatory networks for applying control signals to control the network   SuperVisor
13 Ali Akbar Khalili September  2018Electronic Engineering Design and manufacture of wireless eye tracking device attached to head   SuperVisor
12 Mohammad Taghi Tofighi February  2018Mechanical Engineering Design and construction of a reverse pendulum system for a quadrant robot system   Advisor
11 Poriya Batoii September  2020Biomedical Engineering Discrimination of vitiligo lesion from healthy skin in digital images using Markov random fields model   SuperVisor
10 Seyede Shokofeh Mosavi January  2020Biomedical Engineering Improving face recognition process in distinguishing identical twins with the differentiation enhancement approach using identifying robust similarity-resistant features   SuperVisor
9 Elnaz Mohammadi August  2021Biomedical Engineering Modeling and simulation the role of nitric oxide in the generation of long-term potentiation (LTP ) in a tripartite synapse   SuperVisor
8 Reza Heydari July  2020Biomedical Engineering Heart rate estimation from iPPG image   SuperVisor
7 Ali Babii July  2019Electrical Engineering-power Determination of partial discharge (PD) fault type using pattern recognition algorithms   SuperVisor
6 Morteza Moradi September  2020Control Engineering Salient Object Segmentation using Closed-loop Control   Advisor
5 Elnaz Babaei July  2023Biomedical Engineering Proposing novel image quality metrics for evaluating optical coherence tomography images   SuperVisor
4 Elahe Ghiyabi September  2022Biomedical Engineering A spatio-temporal model of tumor immunotherapy, considering the role of hypoxia and adenosine   SuperVisor
3 Behrouz Vaseghi In progressBiomedical Engineering Integrated approach for compression and steganography of medical images using chaotic systems in E-healthcare   SuperVisor
2 Zahra Haghgooi Jirkohi In progressBiomedical Engineering Not Yet Defined   SuperVisor
1 Mahnaz Layeghi In progressBiomedical Engineering Not Yet Defined   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
31 Pouya Ashtari September  2012Telecommunications engineering Diffusion Tensor images Registration   SuperVisor
30 Elemira Mousavi September  2012Electronic Engineering Study & Implementation of DTI Reconstruction Methods   SuperVisor
29 Samaneh Saghatchi September  2012Electronic Engineering Study & Implementation of Diffusion Images Reconstruction Algorithms   SuperVisor
28 Seyed Majid Mousavi & Mohammad Reza Mardani September  2012Electronic Engineering Design & Iimplementation of Prevention of Driver Drowsiness    SuperVisor
27 Poriya Karami June  2013Electronic Engineering Data Hiding in JPEG Images   SuperVisor
26 Milad Nazaeri & Reza Daroii July  2013Telecommunications engineering & Power Engineering Study & Implementation of Compress Sensing in Matlab   SuperVisor
25 Masoud Eskandari September  2013Electronic Engineering Face Recognition   SuperVisor
24 Mehdi Safarpour September  2013Electronic Engineering Capacity Enlargement Of The PVD Steganography Method Using The GLM Technique   SuperVisor
23 Pari Naz Eskandari September  2014Electronic Engineering Histograms of Oriented Gradients for Human Detection   SuperVisor
22 Yalda Tashkkori August  2014Electronic Engineering Describing Key Points in Images using SIFT   SuperVisor
21 Amir Reza Afsari September  2014Electronic Engineering Face Recognition in images With PCA & LDA methods   SuperVisor
20 Rezvan Anvari May  2015Electronic Engineering Blood Pressure Measurement with Image Processing   SuperVisor
19 Mohammad Housseini July  2015Electronic Engineering Human Tracking in Video Images Captured with a Fixed Camera   SuperVisor
18 Maryam Ghafari September  2016Electronic Engineering A study on biological sensors   SuperVisor
17 Mahdis Mohammadi _DECEMBER  2016Electronic Engineering Control A Robot Arm Using Human Hand Electroencephalogram Signals   SuperVisor
16 Mehdi Mohammadi September  2015Electronic Engineering Shamir method implementation in image sharing   SuperVisor
15 Somayeh Kazemzadeh September  2016Electronic Engineering Estimates of Internal & External Parameters of A Camera   SuperVisor
14 Adeleh Ghate September  2016Electronic Engineering 3D Coordinates Reconstruction of Four Connected Balls Together Based on Images of Two Calibrated Cameras   SuperVisor
13 Fatemeh Karimi _SEPTEMBER  2017Electronic Engineering ِDesign and Implementation of Electrotherapy Device for the Treatment of Migraine and Tension-type Headaches   SuperVisor
12 Tina Boriyaii _MARCH  2017Electronic Engineering Design and Build Muscle Strength Measurement Device   SuperVisor
11 Narges Abbasi _JUNE  2017Electronic Engineering The study of the causes of the problem and ways to treat tinnitus   SuperVisor
10 Atefeh Hassani _SEPTEMBER  2017Electronic Engineering Feature extraction from electrocardiography and photoplethysmography signals   SuperVisor
9 Armin Shah Doost _FEBRUARY  2018Communication Engineering Cell Segmentation in Whole Slide Images in Digital Pathology   SuperVisor
8 Sahand Mosayebpour August  2018Electronic Engineering Mouse Motion Analysis in T Maze   SuperVisor
7 Mohammad Ganjkhani August  2019Electronic Emgineering GPS data processing on the beaglebone black board   SuperVisor
6 Omid bagher September  2019Electronic Engineering Recording the ECG signal and display it by mobile phone   SuperVisor
5 Behnam Moradi and Ali Khanahmadloo December  2019Electrical engineering-Communication major Design and manufacture of a cost effective spincoater   SuperVisor
4 Nima Akbari Moghaddam June  2022Electronic Engineering Speckle size reduction in optical coherence tomography images using Singular Value Decomposition    SuperVisor
3 Mohammad Reza Faeghi & Maedeh Ghorbanloo September  2022Electronic Engineering Design & manufacture of plastic injection machine   SuperVisor
2 Mohammad Hossein Tabatabaii July  2023Electronic Engineering Speckle noise reduction in optical coherence tomography using two-dimensional curvelet-based dictionary Learning   SuperVisor
1 Kimiya Noosh Nab September  2023Electronic Engineering Despeckling of optical coherence tomography images with BM3D in MATLAB   SuperVisor



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