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Mostafa Charmi

Masoud Eskandari, Mostafa Charmi, Omid Rahmani
Investigation and Compensation of Nonlinear Factors Affecting Optical Three Dimensional Scanner

One of the types of three-dimensional scanner is the optical scanner. The main components of the 3D scanner include camera and projector. The most important principle in measuring accurately with 3D scanners is the use of a camera and projector with linear response capabilities to input signals. For this purpose, highly accurate and expensive electronic devices should be used to make such systems. The high price of this type of camera and projectors increases the cost of making a scanner. So, this study examines the factors causing nonlinear conditions in the camera and projector. In the projector and camera, respectively the most important factors in creating non-linear conditions are the gamma-ray effect of the projector, the effect of camera lens distortion and high-frequency disturbing signals. In this research, the above nonlinear factors have been identified to compensate for them. To be able to design and implement 3D measurement system with high precision at a lower cost with using the available facilities.



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