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Vahid Rashtchi

Rashtchi V.; Rahimpour E.; Shahrouzi H.
Model reduction of transformer detailed R-C-L-M model using the imperialist competitive algorithm

Detailed R-C-L-M model of power transformers is based on lumped parameters. This model is used extensively not only for transient analysis inside transformers but also for transient study in power systems. Simulating transformers by means of the detailed R-C-L-M is very time-consuming due to the large number of model parameters. Consequently, models with fewer parameters are more practical for system studies. This paper aims at introducing a model reduction technique for detailed R-C-L-M model and parameter identification of reduced models based on the imperialist competitive algorithm. The accuracy of the resulting models is verified by comparing the measured transfer function of high voltage transformer with those obtained from the imperialist competitive algorithm and common analytical formulae.



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