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Nasrollah Abbassi

Abbassi., N. and Shakeri, S.
Miocene Vertebrate Footprints from the Upper Red Formation, Mushampa Area, Zanjan Province [in Persian with English Abstract].
آثار ردپاي مهره داران ميوسن در سازند سرخ بالايي، برش چينه شناسي مشمپا، استان زنجان، مجله علوم زمین

Numerous vertebrates footprints have been found in the Miocene Upper Red Formation sandstone and siltstone layers in the 3 km west of Mushampa village, west Zanjan province. Most of the footprints were preserved as hypichnia, include bird’s webbed footprints Culcitapeda tridens and Culcitapeda isp.; tetradactyle footprint Antarctichnus isp. and digitigrad footprints Avipeda isp. A and Avipeda isp.B. Carnivora footprints are Bestiopeda isp. and Credontipes isp. ichnogenuses. It seems that sedimentary environment was a shallow-water pan of a marginal marine environment, and footprints formed on the exposed sediments.



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