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Nasrollah Abbassi

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
Ichnology of Dinosaur tracks in Shemshak Formaation, Baladeh area, central Alborz   LeaderMarch 2010August  2012
Trace fossils from Cretaceous flysch sediments of west Siahrud area, Eastren Azarbahjan province   LeaderFebruary 2008February  2009BasicZanjan unviversity
Vertebrat footprints from Miocene Upper Red Formation, Mushampa area, West Zanjan, NW Iran   LeaderFebruary 2004March  2005BasicZanjan Unversity
Thalassinoides Ichnofabrics of Oligocene sediments of Ali Abad, Qom area, Central Iran   LeaderFebruary 2006February  2006BasicZanjan Unvirsity
Report of vertebrate fossils from Kohol area NW of Tabriz, E Azarbaijan pronce, NW Iran   ColleagueMarch 2001March  2002BasicOrganization of Environmet affaires of Iran
Geological classification of Marls Qezelozan river in Zanjan Pronince   LeaderAugust 1998February  2001Basic resaerch-



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