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Nasrollah Abbassi

Publications in Journals

داخلي-ISC61.  Abbassi, N., Vahidinia, M., Tavana, S., Vaeznia, P.
نخستين گزارش از رد پاي مهره داران سنوزو يیك در پهنه زمین شناختی كپه داغ، آپاخاوري ايران
First report of Cenozoic vertebrate tracks from Kopeh Dagh geological zone, Northeast Iran  
Scientific Quarterly Journal, GEOSCIENCES شماره 126 (1401) .  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC60.  Abbassi, N., Aharipour, R.
اثر فسيل سيركول ايكنوس و دیگر اثر فسیلهاي پاره سازند پنجم سازند ميلا در برش تويه- دروار، البرز خاوری
Circulichnis and other trace fossils from Member 5 of Mila Formation in Tuyeh-Darvar section, Eastern Alborz Mountain, north Iran
Scientific Quarterly Journal, GEOSCIENCES دوره 122 (1400) .  [Abstract ]
International ISI59.  Abbassi, N., Shobeiri Zanjani, L. 
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin Vol. 90 (2022PP. 1-9.  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC58.  Abbassi, N., Soleimani Abhari, H.
قدمگاه، اثر جای پای طبیعی یا حجاری و جایگاه آن در باورهای مذهبی ایرانی ها در پیش و پس از ظهور اسلام
Ghadamgah: the Natural or Carved Human Footprints and its Significance in the Iranian Religious Beliefs before and after the Advent of Islam
Journal of Historical Researches دوره 12 (1399) .  [Abstract  ]
International ISI57.  Lockley, M., Abbassi, N., Helm, C.W.
Large, unwebbed bird and bird‐like footprints from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic: a review of ichnotaxonomy and trackmaker affinity
Lethaia Vol. 54 (2021PP. 969-987 DOI: DOI 10.1111/let.12458.  [Abstract ]
International ISI56.  Abbassi, N., Khoshyar, M., Lucas, S.G. and Esmaeili, F.
Extensive vertebrate tracksite from the Upper Red Formation (middle–late Miocene), west Zanjan, northwestern Iran
Fossil Record Vol. 24 (2021PP. 101-116 DOI: https://doi.org/10.5194/fr-24-101-2021.  [Abstract ]
International ISI55.  Abbassi, N., Dashtban, H.
Vertebrate footprints from the Agha Jari Formation (late Miocene–Pliocene), Zagros Mountains, and a review of the Cenozoic vertebrate ichnites in the Persian Gulf region. 
Bulletin of Geosciences Vol. 96 (2021PP. 1-20.  [Abstract ]
International ISI54.  Abbassi, N., Mashhadizadeh Maleki, S. 
Carnivore and Artiodactyl Mammal Footprints from the Karaj Formation (Eocene), Taleghan Valley, Alborz Mountains, North Iran. 
Iran J Sci Technol Trans Sci Vol. 44 (2020PP. 1407-1417.  [Abstract ]
New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin Vol. 84 (2021PP. 1-12.  [Abstract ]
International ISI52.  Mustoe, G.E., Abbassi, N., Hosseini, A., Mahdizadeh, Y. 
Neogene Tree Trunk Fossils from the Meshgin Shahr Area, Northwest Iran
Geosciences Vol. 10 (2020P. 283.  [Abstract ]
International ISI51.  Rabbani, J., Emamgholi, R., Abbassi, N., and Shariatzadeh, MS., 
Late Cretaceous to Early Paleogene global sea level fluctuations and the sedimentary environment in central Alborz (Northern Iran)
Arabian Journal of Geosciences Vol. 13 (2020P. 125.  [Abstract ]
International ISI50.  Abbassi, N., Karim, K.H., Mohialdeen, I.M.J. and Sharbazheri, K.H. 
Vertebrate footprints and a mammal mud-bath trace fossil (Laspichnia) from the Mukdadiya Formation (Late Miocene–Pliocene), Chamchamal Area, Kurdistan Region, Northeast Iraq
Ichnos Vol. 28 (2021PP. 73-82.  [Abstract ]
International ISI49.  Hosseini Asgarabadi, Z., Khodabakhsh, S., Mohseni, H., Halverson, G., Bui, T.H., Abbassi, N., Moghaddasi, A. 
2019. Microfacies, geochemical characters and possible mechanism of rhythmic deposition of the Pabdeh Formation in SE Ilam (SW Iran)
Geopersia Vol. 9 (2019PP. 89-109.  [Abstract ]
International ISI48.  Hadi, M., Vahidinia, M., and Abbassi, N.,
Ilerdian-Cuisian alveolina from the western Alborz and eastern Iran zones
Journal of Foraminiferal Research. Vol. 49 (2019PP. 141-162.  [Abstract ]
International ISI47.  Abbassi, N., Alimohammadian, H., Shakeri., S., Broumand, A., and Brouman, S. 
Aptian small dinosaur footprints from the Tirgan Formation, Kopet-Dagh region, northeast Iran
Fossil Records , New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin Vol. 6 (2018PP. 1-13.  [Abstract ]
International ISI46.  Hadi, M., Mosaddegh, H., Abbassi, N.
Microfacies and biofabric of nummulite accumulations (Bank) from the Eocene deposits of Western Alborz (NW Iran)
Journal of African Earth Sciences. Vol. 124 (2016PP. 216-233.  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC45.  Abbassi, N. and Soleimani Abhari, H.
Qadamgah: the natural or carved human footprints and its significance on the Iranians religion beliefs in before and after the advent of Islam
Journal of Historical Researches Vol. 47 (2020PP. 35-50.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC44.  Abbassi, N., Mirzaie Ataabadi, M., and Hasanpour, M.
Teredolites ichnofacies and its sequences stratigraphy position in the upper part of Ziveh Formation, Moghan area, Eastern Azarbaijan province, northwest Iran
Geosciences, GSI Vol. 117 (2021PP. 1-10.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC43.  Rabbani, J., Emamgholi, R., Abbassi, N., Shariatzadeh, M.S.
Late Cretaceous to Early Paleogene global sea level fluctuations and the sedimentary environment in central Alborz (Northern Iran)
Geosciences, GSI Vol. 12 (2019PP. 1-12.  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC42.  Famarini Bozchalouei, N.,  Abbassi , N., Salsani, A., Zohdi, A.
Neoprotrozoic-Cambrian boundary in Soltanieh Formation by the ichnological studies, Seyedkandi section, Soltanieh Mountains, NW Iran
Geosciences, GSI Vol. 117 (2020PP. 163-173.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC41.  Abbassi, N., Yarahmadzahi, H., Nakhjiri, S., Jalali, A., Hafezi Moghadas, H.
Paleoecological evaluation of the graphoglyptids of the Eocene flysch deposits, west Khash, southeast Iran, against event sedimentation
Iranian Journal of Geology Vol. 54 (2020PP. 93-109.  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC40.  Hosseini Asgarabadiو Z., Abbassi, N., Mohseni, H., and Khodabakhsh, S.
Structural evolution of Zoophycos group trace fossils from the Pabdeh Formation (Paleocene– Oligocene), SE of Ilam province, SW Iran
Geosciences, GSI Vol. 113 (2019PP. 211-220.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC39.  Hadi, M., Mosaddegh, H., Abbassi, N.
Biostratigraphic Interpretation and Systematics of Some Alveolina Species Assemblages in the Ziarat Formation from Soltanieh Mountains (Western Alborz)
Geosciences, GSI Vol. 95 (2015PP. 39-44.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC38.  Mohammadi, H., Abbassi, N., Raissossadat, S.N., Heyhat, M.R.
Study of graphoglyptid trace fossils of Paleocene-Eocene flysch deposits from North of Birjand, East Iran
Sedimentary Facies Vol. 3 (2015PP. 73-92.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC37.  Abbassi, N., Mirzaei Ataabadi, M., Behzadian, Sh.
Systematic of vertebrate remains from the Katalehkhor cave, Zanjan province
Journal of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Researches University of Isfahan, Iran Vol. 53 (2013PP. 51-70.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC36.  Abbassi, N., Ghavidel-Syooki, M., Yousefi, M., and Navidi-Izad, N.
Cruziana ichnofacies of Nayband Formation (Late Triassic) in the Parvadeh section, southwest Tabas, east Central Iran
Iranian Journal of Geology Vol. 38 (2016PP. 1-15.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC35.  Bayat Gol, A. and N. Abbassi  
Ichnology on Geirud Formation in the Hangenberg Mass Extinction Event (Famennian-Tournaisian), Zaygon Section, Central Alborz
Geosciences, GSI Vol. 92 (2013PP. 33-48.  [Abstract ]
داخلي-ISC34.  Abbassi, N., Beyrami Euoraghi, Shabanian, R.
Zoophycos construction analysis by combination of microfacies data in the Ruteh Formation (Permian), Baghdarreh section, Soltanieh Mountains, northwest Iran  
Sedimentary Facies Vol. 6 (2013PP. 49-64.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC33.  Vaez Javadi, F. and Abbassi, N.
Study of plant macrofossils from Baladeh area (Central Alborz): dating and biostratigraphy
Journal of Stratigraphy and Sedimentology Researches University of Isfahan, Iran Vol. 48 (2012PP. 37-64.  [Abstract  ]
داخلي-ISC32.  Rahimi, S., Abbassi, N., Yousefi Yeganeh, B.
Stratigraphy and architecture elements of Quaternary sediments of west Zanjan
Quarterly Journal of Quaternary of Iran Vol. 4 (2018PP. 373-386.  [Abstract  ]
International ISI31.  Xing, L.,Abbassi, N., Lockley, M.G.   
Enigmatic didactyl tracks from the Jurassic of Iran
Historical Biology Vol. 30 Issue 8 (2018PP. 1132-1138.  [Abstract ]
International ISI30.  Abbassi, N., Mustoe, G.E.,
Jurassic arthropod tracks from northern Iran
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Vol. 508 (2018PP. 176-187.  [Abstract ]
International ISC29.   Vaez-Javadi, F., Abbassi, N.,   
Middle Jurassic biostratigraphy of plant macro and microfossils in Soltanieh Mountains, south of Zanjan, NW Iran
GEOSCIENCES Vol. 106 (2018PP. 91-102.  [Abstract ]
International ISI28.  Abbassi, N., Domning, D.P., Navidi Izad, N., Shakeri, S., 
Sirenia fossils from Qom Formation (Burdigalian) of the Kabudar Ahang area, Northwest Iran
Riv. It. Paleont. Strat Vol. 122 Issue 1 (2016PP. 13-24.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI27.  Lida Xing, Nasrollah Abbassi, Martin G. Lockley, Hendrik Klein, Songhai Jia, Richard T. McCrea & W. Scott Persons IV
The first record of Anomoepus tracks from the Middle Jurassic of Henan Province, Central China
Historical Biology  Accepted 2017.   [Abstract ]
International-ISI26.  Nasrollah Abbassi, Shima Alinasiri & Spencer G. Lucas
New localities of Late Eocene vertebrate footprints from the Tarom Mountains, Northwestern Iran
Historical Biology (2016)  DOI: 2.  [Abstract ]
International ISI & ISC25.  M. Hadi , H. Mosaddegh & N. Abbassi
Biostratigraphic Interpretation and Systematics of Some Alveolina Species Assemblages in the Ziarat Formation from Soltanieh Mountains (Western Alborz)
Geoscience Issue 39 (2015P. 44 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI24.  Nasrollah Abbassi, Spencer G. Lucas , Gholam Reza Zaare 
First report of Oligocene vertebrate footprints from Iran
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Issue 78 (2015P. 89 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI23.  Nasrollah Abbassi, Martin Kundrát, Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi and Per E. Ahlberg
Avian ichnia and other vertebrate trace fossils from the Neogene Red Beds of Tarom valley in north-western Iran
Historical Biology Vol. 10.1080/08 Issue 1 (2015P. 16 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
International ISI & ISC22.  Abbassi, N., Shabanian, R.,  and Hamede Golparvar, R.
Environmental impacts on the ichnofossil diversity of the lower part of the Elika Formation (Lower Triassic), Moro Mountain, NW Iran
Iranian Journal of Science & Technology Issue 273 (2015P. 280 DOI: 1.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC21.  Abbassi, N., Parvanehnezhad Shirazi, P., Hosseinzadeh, M.A.
Thalassinoides-Phycodes compound trace fossil from Albian–Cenomanian sediments of Gazk, South Kerman, SE Iran
علوم زمین Issue 145 (2015P. 152 DOI: 1.  [Abstract  ]
National-ISC20.  Abbassi, N.
Neoichnology of rare biogenic structure Koilosoma (Hitchcock 1858) in fluvial sediments of the Abhar-rud River, Zanjan Province, NW Iran
Sedimentary Facies  Accepted 2015.   [Abstract  ]
International-ISI19.  Abbassi, N., D’Orazi Porchetti, S., Wagensommer, A., and Ghorbani Dehnavi, M. 
Dinosaur and crocodylomorph footprints from the Hojedk Formation (Bajocian–Bathonian) of north Kerman, Central Iran
Italian Journal of Geoscience  Accepted 2015.  
International-ISI18.  Xing, L. Belvedere, M., Buckley, L., Falk, A. R., Lockley, M. G., Klein, K., Abbassi, N., Zhang, X., and Y. Tang
First record of bird tracks from Paleogene of China (Guangdong Province).
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology Issue 415 (2014PP. 425-23 DOI: 1. 
International-ISI17.  Abbassi, N. and Madanipour, S.
Dinosaur footprints from Shemshak Group in central Alborz, North Iran
Geologica Carpathica Issue 99 (2014PP. 115-99. 
International-ISI16.  Yousefi Yeganeh, B., Feiznia, S., Abbassi, N. 
Sedimentary facies, architectural    elements and trace fossils of Kashkan Formation, Folded Zagros zone in SW Iran
. Journal of Sciences, Islamic Republic of Iran. Vol. 22 (2011PP. 239-255.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI15.  Abbassi, N.,
Vertebrate footprints from Miocene Upper Red Formation, Shokorchi area, Zanjan Provience, NW Iran. 
Ichnos Vol. 17 (2010PP. 115-126.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI14.  Ataabadi, Mirzaei, M. and  Abbassi, N.
Affinities and implications of new Miocene mammal footprints from Iran.
Vertebrata Palasiatica Vol. 45 (2007PP. 128-136. 
International-ISI13.  Uchman, A., Abbassi, N., Naeiji, M.R.
Persichnus igen. Nov. and associated ichnofossils from the Upper Cretaceous to Eocene deep-sea deposites of the Sanandaj area, West Iran. 
Ichnos Vol. 12 (2005PP. 141-149.  [Abstract ]
International-ISI12.  Abbassi. N., Lockley, M.,G.,
Eocene bird and mammal tracks from the Karaj Formation, Tarom Mountains, northwestern Iran
Ichnos Vol. 11 (2004PP. 349-356.  [Abstract ]
International ISI11.  Abbassi. N.
Shallow marine trace fossils from upper Devonian sediments of the Kuh-e Zard, Zefreh area, Central iran
Iranian Journal of Science & Technology, Transaction A Vol. 31 (2007PP. 23-33.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC10.   Bayat Gol, A., Abbassi, N., Mahboubi, A., Moussavi-Harami, R., Amin Rasouli, H.
Facies Analysis and Environmental Interpretation of Planolites and Palaeophycus Trace Fossils from Paleozoic Sediments of Mid-Iran Zone [in Persian with English abstract].
Scientific Quarterly Journal, Geosciences Vol. 83 (2011PP. 185-196.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC9.  Abbassi, N.
Trace Fossils of Cretaceous Flysch Sediments from Abshar-e Asyab Kharabeh, Jolfa Area, NW Iran [in Persian with English Abstract].
Scientific Quarterly Journal, Geosciences Vol. 77 (2009PP. 16-26.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC8.  Abbassi, N. and Amini, A.H.
Thalassinoides Ichnofabric from Oligocene Sediments in the Ali Abad Section, Qom Area, Central Iran [in Persian with English abstract].
Scientific Quarterly Journal, Geosciences Vol. 89 (2008PP. 101-25.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC7.  Abbassi, N., and Amini, A. H.
Ichnology of Miocene Vertebrate Footprints in the Upper RedFormation, Evan-e-Key Section, East Tehran, Iran
Scientific Quarterly Journal, Geosciences Vol. 56 (2008PP. 67-25.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC6.  Abbassi. N., 
New Early Jurassic Dinosaur Footprints from Shemshak Formation, Harzavil Village, Western Alborz, N Iran [in Persian with English Abstract].
Scientific Quarterly Journal, Geosciences Vol. 30 (2006PP. 37-25.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC5.  Abbassi., N. and Shakeri, S.
Miocene Vertebrate Footprints from the Upper Red Formation, Mushampa Area, Zanjan Province [in Persian with English Abstract].
Scientific Quarterly Journal, Geosciences Vol. 55 (2005PP. 89-76.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC4.  Abbassi, N. 
Miocene bird track and take-off imprints in the Upper Red Formation, western Mushampa, northwest Zanjan [in Persian with English abstract].
Journal of science of University of Tehran Vol. 31 (2005PP. 20-25.  [Abstract ]
National-ISC3.  Abbassi, N. and Momeni, I.
Use of Ophimorpha in basin analysis of Roksha unit (Miocene), Makran, south east Iran [in Persian with English abstract].
Journal of science of University of Tehran Vol. 27 (2001PP. 38-26. 
National-ISC2.  Okhravi, R., Abbassi, N. and Rabbani, A.R.
Utility of microfacies data on ichnology of vermiculate limestone of Elika Formation (Lower Triassic), in Sarbandan section, Damavand area, Alborz Mountains [in Persian with English abstract].
Journal of science of University of Tehran Vol. 25 (1999PP. 154-25. 
National-ISC1.  Abbassi, N. and Okhravi, R.
Ichnofossils of Scolicia group of b member of Qum formation (Shurab area) and their utility of sedimentary interpretation [in Persian with English abstract}.
Journal of science of University of Tehran Vol. 23 (1997PP. 10-26. 

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

International 12. صابري-عباسي-شعبانيان
تالاسينوئيدس هاي غار كتله خور
Thalassinoides of Kataleh Khor Cave

سي و دومين كنفرانس علوم زمين

International 11. دهقانپور-عباسي-مصدق-اهريپور
سیستماتیک اثر فسیلهای بخش قاعده ای سازند مبارک کربونیفر پيشين  در برش شهمیرزاد البرز شرقی
Systematic of ichnofossils of the lower part of Mobarak Formation (Early Carboniferous) in the Shahmirzad section (East Alborz)

هفتمين همايش ديرينه شناسي

International 10. نصرالله عباسی 1* ، سید سروش موسوی 2 ، یونس ترکمن 2
اثرفسیل Culcitapeda tridens از نهشته های قرمز منطقه منجیل و دیرین جغرافیای پرندگان میوسن در شمال باختری ایران
Culcitapeda tridens (ichnofossil) from Miocene red beds of Manjil, and paleobiogeography of Neogene bird in the Northwest Iran

يازدهمين همايش ديرينه شناسي

International 9. دهقاني-مصدق-عباسي
اثرشناسی و تفسیر شرایط رسوبی سازند مبارک -کربونیفر پیشین- در برش شهمیرزاد-البرز مرکزی
Ichnology and interpretation of sedimentary condition in the Mobarak Formation (Early- Carboniferous) in Shahmirzad section, Central Alborz

هشتمين كنفراني ديرينه شناسي

International 8. زمان ثاني-رجب زاد-عباسي
مطالع وقص ميكروارگانيسم  در کاكانه زايي منگنز با استفاد از داد ه هاي پتروگرافي و ژئوشيميايي، منطقه طشك استان فارس
Manganez Geochimical anaylsis Tashk Fars Province

زمين شناسي و اكتشاف معدني

International 7. نصراله عباسي- لي دا شينگ
پراکنش مهرهداران مزوزوئیک در کوههای البرز و دادههای نو از ردپای دایناسورها در البرز میانی
Mesozoic vertebrate distribution in Alborz Mountains and new data from the dinosaur tracks from central Alborz

نخستين همايش كوهزاد البر-خزر

International 6. موسوي مطلق-نصراله عباسي-كلاگري-عابديني
بررسی ژئوشیمیایی عناصر خاکی نادر در افق فسفاتدار سازند سلطانیه، برش سیدکندی، جنوبغرب زنجان
Geochemical Investigation of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in Soltanieh Formation Phosphate Horizon, Seyed Kandi Section, Southwest Zanjan

سي و سومين گردهمايي علوم زمين

International 5. دهقاني پور-نصراله عباسي- حسين مصدق
 سیستماتیک اثر فسیلهای بخشهای میانی و بالایی سازند مبارک- کربونیفر پیشین- در برش شهمیرزاد-البرز مرکزی
Systematic of ichnofossils of the middle and upper parts of Mobarak Formation (Early Carboniferous) in the Shahmirzad section (Central Alborz)

هشتمین همایش انجمن دیرینه شناسی

International 4. ABBASSI, Nasrollah, AMINI, Abdolhossein  
Thalassinoides ichnofabric from Oligocene sediments in the Ali Abad section, Qom area, Central Iran

Conference in China Paleontology

China  2010.  
National 3. ABBASSI, N., KUNDRÁT, M., & ATAABADI, M.M: 
Avian ichnia from the Miocene red beds of NW Iran

15th Czech – Polish – Slovak Paleontological Conference

Poland  2014.  
International 2. مهدخت کریمی ، عبدالحسین امینی ، محسن رنجبران ، نصرا..ّ. عباسی، محمدرضا نائیجی
Petrology of mixed siliciclastic carbnate of Ali Abad, Qom area

نوزدهمین همایش انجمن زمین شناسی ایران

National 1.  عباسی و کاظم زاده شعاعی و قربانی دهنوی
Jurassic dinosaur tracks from Dashtekhak area, north Zarand, Kerman province, central Iran
هفتمین همایش انجمن دیرینه شناسی
20 - 23 May 2013.  [Abstract  ]



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