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Nasrollah Abbassi

Abbassi. N., 
New Early Jurassic Dinosaur Footprints from Shemshak Formation, Harzavil Village, Western Alborz, N Iran [in Persian with English Abstract].
رد پاي جديد دايناسور از رسوبات سازند شمشك (ژوراسيك پيشين) در روستاي هرزويل، البرز باختري. 

Three tridactyl footprints were found on bedding planes of rippled fine grain sandstone layers of the Shemshak Formation, in Harzavil village, western Alborz, Gilan province, north Iran. Footprints are in the form of concave epirelief and convex hyporelief. Only the middle footprint is completely preserved (85 mm length and 72 mm width). The first and last footprints are approximately the same size (78 mm). Based on ichnological factors, it seems that footprints have been made by two or several bipedal dinosaurs that moved in the same direction.



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