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Nasrollah Abbassi

Abbassi. N.
Shallow marine trace fossils from upper Devonian sediments of the Kuh-e Zard, Zefreh area, Central iran
اثرفسیل ها دریای کم عمق از رسوبات دونین بالایی كوه زرد منطقه زفره ایران مرکزی

Upper Devonian sediments of the Kuh-e Zard area northwest of Zefreh, Central Iran, are composed mainly of brown and grey limestones with sandstone and shale intercalations. They contain trace fossils such as Chondrites isp., Diplocraterion parallelum, Fustiglyphus annulatus, Lockeia isp., Phycodes isp., and Taenidium barretti. These trace fossils indicate a shallow marine environment.



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