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Nasrollah Abbassi

Abbassi. N., Lockley, M.,G.,
Eocene bird and mammal tracks from the Karaj Formation, Tarom Mountains, northwestern Iran
ردپاهای پرندگان و پستانداران از سازند کرج، کوههای طارم، شمال غرب ایران

A long continuous trackway of a shorebird (cf. Charadriipeda) and a suite of possible Pantodonta (?Corophydon) or Dinocerata tracks are reported from the Eocene Karaj Formation. Fossil footprints are still rare in Iran, described only from two Jurassic and three Tertiary sites. Thus the current record, the third in the Teritary, adds to a sparse record and increases the diversity of known track types.



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