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Nasrollah Abbassi

Nasrollah Abbassi, Martin Kundrát, Majid Mirzaie Ataabadi and Per E. Ahlberg
Avian ichnia and other vertebrate trace fossils from the Neogene Red Beds of Tarom valley in north-western Iran
اثر فسیل های پرندگان و سایر مهره داران از رسوبات قرمز نئوژن دره تارم شمال باختری ایران

The Neogene Red Beds of the Tarom valley (north-western Iran) include conglomerate, sandstone, marl and gypsum. Avian and mammal footprints were discovered in one of the sandstone layers at the base of a third Miocene stratigraphical unit in the Gilankesheh area located in the east Tarom valley. The avian ichnia include Aviadactyla vialovi, Avipeda filiportatis, Charadriipeda disjuncta, Charadriipeda isp. A and B and cf. Ornithotarnocia lambrechti. Bird feeding traces are preserved as bilobate, loop-shaped, sinusoidal and ringlike traces. We have also identified a reticulate texture of sole scale imprints in some of the avian ichnia. Two mammal footprints of camelid-like artiodactyls are also present with the avian ichno-assemblage.



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