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Nasrollah Abbassi

Bayat Gol, A. and N. Abbassi  
Ichnology on Geirud Formation in the Hangenberg Mass Extinction Event (Famennian-Tournaisian), Zaygon Section, Central Alborz
اثرشناسی سازند جیرود در رخداد انقراض هانگنبرگ (فامنین- تورنزین)، برش زایگون، البرز مرکزی  

A detailed ichnological study on the Geirud Formation (Late Devonian-Early Carboniferous) from the Zaygon area, central Alborz shows a diverse trace fossils, which include 14 ichnogenera represented by 23 ichnospecies. These trace fossils contains various ethological patterns, such as domichnia, fodinichnia, grazing, equilibrichnia, and fugichnia. These trace fossils are: Arenicolites, Asterosoma, Chondrites intricate, Chondrites targionii, Diplocraterion parallelum, Arenicolites isp., Asterosoma isp., Chondrites intricate, Chondrites targionii, Chondrites isp., Diplocraterion parallelum, Helminthoidichnites isp., Helminthopsis abeli, Helminthopsis isp., Palaeophycus heberti, Palaeophycus tubularis, Planolites beverleyensis, Planolites isp., Phycodes cf. palmatus, Rhizocorallium jenense, Rhizocorallium irregular, Rosselia soccialis, Taenidium serpentinum, Taenidium satanassi, Talassinoides horizntalis, Thalassinoides suevicus, Thalassinoides paradoxicus, Zoophycos isp. Studied beds consist by alternations of laminated mudstones and siltstones, and thick- to medium-bedded sandstones with wavy lamination. Hummocky, trough and low angle to planar cross-bedding are common in layers. It seems that these beds were deposited in the delta to open marine environments. Determined ichno-assemblage represents characteristic of a moderately shallow-marine environment, which effected occasionally by high-energy conditions. A trace fossil assemblage has been examined from the uppermost dark-colored shale layers of the Geirud Formation in the Devonian/Carboniferous (D-Ca) boundary. This assemblage include Chondrites targionii, Zoophycos isp., which involved by Hangenberg event.



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