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Nasrollah Abbassi

Abbassi, N., Ghavidel-Syooki, M., Yousefi, M., and Navidi-Izad, N.
Cruziana ichnofacies of Nayband Formation (Late Triassic) in the Parvadeh section, southwest Tabas, east Central Iran
اثر رخساره کروزیانا از نهشته های سازند نایبند (تریاس پسین) در برش پروده، جنوب باختری طبس، خاور ایران مرکزی

Nayband Formation is composed of sandstone, coal bearing shales, siltstone, and fossiliferous limestone in the southwest Tabas section, east central Iran. In this section, it is 1410 m in thickness and Late Triassic in age. A divers trace fossils have been found in the middle parts of sequence as 400-600 m. These trace fossils include Lockeia isp., Palaeophycus tubularis, Palaeophycus striatus, Planolites beverleyensis, Rhizocorallium isp., Rosselia isp., and cf. Treptichnus isp. This ichnoassemblage is attributable to Cruziana ichnofacies with presence of Lockeia isp., Rhizocorallium isp., and, Rosselia isp. This part of Nayband Formation was deposited in low energy conditions below fair-weather wave base.



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