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Nasrollah Abbassi

Abbassi, N., Mashhadizadeh Maleki, S. 
Carnivore and Artiodactyl Mammal Footprints from the Karaj Formation (Eocene), Taleghan Valley, Alborz Mountains, North Iran. 

Eocene vertebrate footprints from the uppermost layers of the Karaj Formation have been discovered in the Taleghan valley, Alborz Mountains, northern Iran. Trackways comprise carnivore and artiodactyl footprints. Footprints of primitive and small artiodactyl are assigned to Gambapes hastatus, with 16–18 mm footprint length. Carnivore trackways belong to the Felidae or Mesonychidae, recognized as Pycnodactylopus cf. achras. These footprints and previous reports of track sites from the Alborz Mountains document a high diversity of Eocene track-makers in this region of the Iranian Plateau.



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