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Hossein Safari

A. Hasanzadeh , H. Safari  and H. Ghasemi
Relations between the asteroseismic indices and stellar parameters of δ Scuti stars for two years of TESS mission

We investigate the relationship between the asteroseismic indices and the physical quantities of 438 δ Scuti (DSCT) stars observed by the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) mission at 26 sectors. We study the scaling relations of stellar parameters (effective temperature, surface gravity, density, etc.) and asteroseismic indices such as fundamental frequency, large frequency separation (Δν), frequency of the highest peak in the spectrum, and the peak of the envelope of oscillation mode (νmax) for DSCT targets. Using an empirical relation and a 2D autocorrelation method, we determine the large frequency separation for targets. We obtain a highly positive correlation between the fundamental radial pressure mode and the large separation for one-third of targets. We find a scaling relation between the large separation and νmax as Δν=0.49ν0.68maxΔν=0.49νmax0.68⁠, which is similar to that of the solar-like and red giant stars. We show a strong positive correlation between the effective temperature and νmax (Pearson correlation R = 0.65). We also obtain a very strong positive correlation (R = 0.86) between the effective temperature multiplying by the surface gravity and νmax.



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