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Hossein Safari

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
9 Narges Fathalian February  2011 Coronal Loops Oscillations: I. The- orization and Simulation of Mono and System of Loops Oscillation II. SDO EUV Images Analysis   SuperVisor
8 Abbas Abedini February  2011 Magnetohydrodynamic Slow mode Os- cillations of Solar Corona   SuperVisor
7 Akbar Gheibifetrat September  2017 1- Non-Gravitational Black Holes and Hawking Radiation, 2- Solar Flares Network   SuperVisor
6 Farhad Daei December  2017 Complex Network For Solar Active Regions   SuperVisor
5 Nasibe Alipour Rad October  2016 Identification, tracking, and simulation of atmospheric small scale events   SuperVisor
4 Hamed Ghasemi, December  2016 Astroseismology of hot subdwarf B stars using Kepller telescope   SuperVisor
3 Mohsen Javaherian April  2017 statistical relationships between solar magnetic features and solar activity   SuperVisor
2 Nastaran Farhang October  2018 A cellular automation avalanche model based on optimization of the released energy during solar flares   SuperVisor
1 Somayeh Taran September  2019 Solar Wind Modeling with Non-Maxwellian Distribution Functions   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
51 Mohammad Sadeghi September  2010 Nanoflares Simulation of Solar Corona Irradiance: Application of Genetic Algorithm   SuperVisor
50 Nassibe Alipourrad December  2010 Solar mini- CMEs   SuperVisor
49 Edris Tajfirouze February  2011 Probing Nanoflares parameters using Artificial Neutral Network   SuperVisor
48 September  2009 The Effect of Second Order Per- turbations of Velocity and Magnetic Field on Transverse Coronal Loop Oscillations   SuperVisor
47 Sarah Jabbari August  2009 Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in Curved and Low β-plasma Solar Corona Loops   SuperVisor
46 Azadeh Khoshkroodi January  2010 Oscillation of Twisted and Longitu- dinally Non-Uniform Magnetic Field of Solar Coronal Loops   SuperVisor
45 Jamil Enayati September  2010 Observation of Loop Oscillations from EUV Solar Coronal Images   SuperVisor
44 Shervin Ziaei September  2011 Magnetic Bright Points in the Solar Pho- tosphere   SuperVisor
43 Hamed Altafi Mehrabani October  2011 Coronal Heating by the Effect of Alfvénic Waves Phase Mixing in Solar Spicules   SuperVisor
42 Somayeh Taran December  2011 Recognition of Solar Corona Loops EUVI/SDO   SuperVisor
41 Abolfazl Dinmohammadi January  2012 Observation of Solar Nano-flares from SDO and STEREO images   SuperVisor
40 Mina Mardomi October  2011 3D Reconstruction of Solar Coronal Loops: Using STEREO A and B   SuperVisor
39 Terife Haddad January  2012 Oscillation Of SolarCoronal Loops With Non-uniform Magnetic field   SuperVisor
38 Vahid Borji October  2012 Simulation of Linear Stellar Oscillations   SuperVisor
37 Masoumeh Ghanbarzadeh October  2012 Study of Stellar Oscillations from Analysis of Photometric Data   SuperVisor
36 Emran Ghanbari February  2013 Long-wavelength torsional waves in coronal jets   SuperVisor
35 Mohsen Javaherian February  2013 Automatic Method for Identification of Solar Features   SuperVisor
34 Asadollah Safaei June  2013 Spectroscopy of fast rotating stars   SuperVisor
33 Somayeh Bazargan September  2013 Automatic detection of Mini Coro- nal Mass Ejections of Solar extreme ultraviolet eruptions   SuperVisor
32 Nastaran Farhang October  2013 Detection od Fast and Slow Magneto- hydrodynamic Waves for Solar Coronal Extreme Ultra-Violet Images   SuperVisor
31 Salim Hosseinidavoudkalaei October  2014 A Multi-label Classifier Method with High Generalization Capacity   SuperVisor
30 Samira Laali October  2014 Identification of active regions, coronal hole and Pacific regions from Ultraviolet images   SuperVisor
29 Marjan Yousefzadehshabestari October  2014 Reconstruction of Mag- netic Field of Solar Corona   SuperVisor
28 Leila Khosravian October  2014 Magnetohydrodynamic waves of multi- strand loops from Exttreme-ultraviolet images   SuperVisor
27 Leila Jahandideh October  2014 The evaluation of active regions, quiet Sun, and coronal holes on exterem ultraviolet images   SuperVisor
26 Leila Honarbakhsh December  2014 Studying of the magnetic field of small coronal mass ejections   SuperVisor
25 Mehdi Yousefzadehsouraki December  2014 Automatic Identification of Supergranular Cell Boundaries   SuperVisor
24 Hasan Ataian October  2015 Modified Hyperdisk-based Larege Margin classifier   SuperVisor
23 Ebrahim Tohidimoghadam February  2016 Statistical studies of flares, coronal mass ejections, jets and solar active rejions   SuperVisor
22 Shahriar Esmaeili February  2016 Numerical Solution of MHD Equations for Solar Coronal Loops Oscillation   SuperVisor
21 Abbas Rabounik February  2016 Prediction of the Solar Flares by Using Support Vector Machine   SuperVisor
20 Maryam Gholamishiri February  2014 Magnetic ?elds and spectral struc- tures of solar mini-active regions   SuperVisor
19 Bardia Kaki February  2017 Investigation of relationship between param- eters of solar nanoflares and solar activity   SuperVisor
18 Mohammad Eftekhar December  2017 Measuring the day-time seeing parameter in Zanjan   Advisor
17 Ehlam Molavi September  2017 Simulation of solar flares time series in three dimensional magnetic vector potential   SuperVisor
16 Majede Nouri September  2017 Application of Image Processing in Fractal Dimension of Solar Supergranular Cells   SuperVisor
15 Faranak Mohammadi September  2017 Prediction of the Solar Flares Us- ing Magnetograms of Active Regions and Probabilistic Neural Network   SuperVisor
14 Zahra Tajik January  2018 Extracting Parameters of Coronal Holes in EVU Images   SuperVisor
13 Neda Tavousi January  2018 Asteroseismology Formalism Based on Mod- ified Helmholtz?s Theorem Proposed by Sobouti   SuperVisor
12 Parichehr Mohammadigouneh January  2018 Complex Network of Sunspots   SuperVisor
11 Mina Hadizadeh September  2018 Simulation of the small scale explosive magnetic event using magnetohydrodynamics approach   SuperVisor
10 Zahra Shokrichafi September  2018 Relation between small scale eruption in the solar atmosphere   SuperVisor
9 Zahra Ramezanpour September  2018 Empirical omori and Gutenberg Richter laws for solar flares   SuperVisor
8 Javad Ganjali January  2019 Oscillations and weak damping of the solar coronal loops   SuperVisor
7 Mahdiyeh Makoei January  2019 Complex network of solar active regions in the presence of the magnetic field   SuperVisor
6 Pardis Ahmadi September  2019 Measuring the day-time seeing parameter using the DIMM technique   SuperVisor
5 Mehrafrooz Goodarzi September  2019 Complex Network of Solar Coronal Index   SuperVisor
4 Maryam Torki September  2019 Star Formation History in Andromeda Galaxy   SuperVisor
3 Nazanin Kahalipour September  2019 The prediction of flares associated with coronal mass ejection using machine learning and Zernike momemts   SuperVisor
2 Meysam Norouzi September  2019 Rotation curve of galaxies with MOND and dark matter halo profile   SuperVisor
1 Mohammad Ali Moradhaseli September  2019 Statistics of Magnetic Features in non-flaring Active Regions   SuperVisor



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