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Hossein Safari

Publications in Journals

International ISI32.  Nastaran Farhang, Michael S. Wheatland, and Hossein Safari  
Energy Balance in Avalanche Models for Solar Flares  
ApJ Letters Vol. 883 (2019PP. 20-25 DOI: 10.3847/2041-8213/ab40c3.  [Abstract ]
International ISI31.  Somaye Hosseini Rad , Nasibe Alipour , and Hossein Safari
Energetics of Solar Coronal Bright Points
ApJ Vol. 906 (2021PP. 59-72 DOI: 10.3847/1538-4357/abc8e8/meta.  [Abstract ]
International ISI30.  Z. Mohammadi, N. Alipour, H. Safari, and Farhad Zamani
Complex Network for Solar Protons and Correlations with Flares
JGR Space Physics (2021)  DOI:  https://doi.org/10.1029/2020JA028868.  [Abstract ]
International ISI29.  A. Hasanzadeh , H. Safari  and H. Ghasemi
Relations between the asteroseismic indices and stellar parameters of δ Scuti stars for two years of TESS mission
MNRAS Vol. 505 (2021PP. 1476-1484 DOI: doi:10.1093/mnras/stab1411.  [Abstract  ]
International ISI28.  Taran, S; Safari,H, Daei,F
Kappa-Maxwellian electrons and Bi-Maxwellian protons in a two-fluid modelfor fast solar wind
ApJ  Accepted 2019.  
International ISI27.  Alipour, N; Mohammadi,F; Safari,H;
Prediction of Flares within 10 Days before They Occur on the Sun
ApJS (2019) . 
International ISI26.  Cunha, M. S.; Antoci, V.; Holdsworth, D. L.;...; Safari, H.; et.al
Rotation and pulsation in Ap stars: first light results from TESS sectors 1 and 2
MNRAS (2019) . 
International ISI25.  Noori, Majedeh; Javaherian, Mohsen; Safari, Hossein; Nadjari, Hamid
Statistics of photospheric supergranular cells observed by SDO/HMI
AdSpR (2019) . 
International ISI24.  Gheibi, A.; Safari, H.; Innes, D. E., 
Magnetoacoustic and Alfvnic black holes
EPJC (2018) . 
International ISI23.  Farhang, N., Safari, H., Wheatland, M. S.,
Principle of Minimum Energy in Magnetic Reconnection in a Self-organized Critical Model for Solar Flares  
ApJ (2018) . 
International ISI22.  Ghasemi, H.; Moravveji, E.; Aerts, C.; Safari, H.; Vuckovic, M.  
The effects of near-core convective shells on the gravity modes of the subdwarf B pulsator KIC 10553698A  
MNRAS (2017) . 
International ISI21.  Daei, F, Safari, H, and Dadashi, N  
Complex Network for Solar Active Regions  
ApJ (2017) . 
International ISI20.  Javaherian, M.; Safari, H.; Dadashi, N; Aschwanden, M  
Statistical Properties of Photospheric Magnetic Elements Observed by the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory  
SoPh (2017) . 
International ISI19.  Raboonik, Abbas; Safari, Hossein; Alipour, Nasibe; Wheatland, Michael. S.  
Prediction of Solar Flares Using Unique Signatures of Magnetic Field Images  
ApJ (2017) . 
International ISI18.  Vasheghani Farahani, S.; Ghanbari, E.; Ghaffari, G.; Safari, H.  
Torsional wave propagation in solar tornadoes  
A&A (2017) . 
International ISI17.  Gheibi, Akbar; Safari, Hossein; Javaherian, Mohsen.  
The Solar Flare Complex Network  
ApJ (2017) . 
International ISI16.  Esmaeili, Shahriar; Nasiri, Mojtaba; Dadashi, Neda; Safari, Hossein  
Wave function properties of a single and a system of magnetic flux tube(s) oscillations  
JGRA (2016) . 
International ISI15.  Arish, S.; Javaherian, M.; Safari, H.; Amiri, A.  
Extraction of Active Regions and Coronal Holes from EUV Images Using the Unsupervised Segmentation Method in the Bayesian Framework  
SoPh (2016) . 
International ISI14.  Alipour, N., Honarbaksh, L, and Safari, H.,  
Magnetic evolution of minicoronal mass ejections  
SoPh (2016) . 
International ISI13.  Yousefzadeh, M., Safari, H., Attei, R., N. Alipour  
Motion and magnetic flux changes of Coronal Bright Points Relative to Supergranular cell Boundaries  
SoPh (2016) . 
International ISI12.   Moradkhani, M., Amiri, A.,  Javaherian, M.,  Safari, H  
A Hybrid Algorithm for Feature Subset Selection in High-Dimensional Data Sets Using FICA and IWSSr Algorithm  
ASC (2015) . 
International ISI11.  Alipour, N and Safari, H., 
ApJ (2015) . 
International ISI10.  Abedini, A., Safari, H., Nasiri, S  
Slow Mode Oscillations and Damping of Hot Solar Coronal Loops  
SoPh (2014) . 
International ISI9.  Javaherian, M., Safari, H., Amiri, A., Ziaei, S.,
Automatic Method for Identification of Photospheric Bright Points and Granules Observed by Sunrise  
SoPh (2014) . 
International ISI8.  Tajfirouze, E. & Safari, H.,
Can a Nanoflare Model of Extreme-ultraviolet Irradiances Describe the Heating of the Solar Corona  
ApJ (2012) . 
International ISI7.  Alipour, N., Safari, H., & Innes, D. E., 
An Automatic Method for ExtremeUltraviolet Dimmings Associated with Small-Scale Eruption  
ApJ (2012) . 
International ISI6.  Abedini, A. & Safari, H.,  
The effect of non-uniform magnetic field on the slow mode oscillations  
New A (2011) . 
International ISI5.  Fathalian, N., Safari, H., and Nasiri, S.,  
Application of the Rayleigh-Ritz variational technique for coronal loop oscillations  
HiA (2010) . 
International ISI4.  Fathalian, N. & Safari, H.,  
Transverse Oscillations of a Longitudinally Stratified Coronal Loop System  
ApJ (2010) . 
International ISI3.  Bazargan, M., Safari, H., Innes, E. D.,  
A nanoflare model for active region radiance: application of artificial neural networks  
A&A (2008) . 
International ISI2.  Safari, H., Nasiri, S., & Sobouti, Y.,  
Oscillations of longitudinally density stratified coronal loops  
A&A (2007) . 
International ISI1.  Safari, H., Nasiri, S., Karami, K., & Sobouti, Y.,  
Resonant absorption of dissipative flux tubes  
A&A (2006) . 



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