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Mostafa Charmi

Maryam Zolfaghari-Nejad, Mostafa Charmi, Hossein Hassanpoor
A new chaotic system with only non-hyperbolic equilibrium points: Dynamics and its engineering application

In this work, we introduce a new non-Shilnikov chaotic system with an infinite number of nonhyperbolic equilibrium points. The proposed system does not have any linear term, and it is worth noting that the new system has one equilibrium point with triple zero eigenvalues at the origin. Also, the novel system has an infinite number of equilibrium points with double zero eigenvalues that are located on the z-axis. Numerical analysis of the system reveals many strong dynamics. The new system exhibits multi-stability and anti-monotonicity. Multi-stability implies the coexistence of many periodic, limit cycle and chaotic attractors under different initial values. Also, bifurcation analysis of the system shows interesting phenomena such as periodic window, period-doubling route to chaos and inverse period-doubling bifurcations. Moreover, the complexity of the system is analyzed by computing spectral entropy. The spectral entropy distribution under different initial values is very scattered and shows that the new system has numerous multiple attractors. Finally, chaos-based encoding/decoding algorithms for secure data transmission is developed by designing a state chain diagram, which indicates the applicability of the new chaotic system.



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