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Mehrdad Babazadeh

Publications in Journals

International ISI11.  Mehrdad Babazadeh
Toward an extreme low-power, edge-based LoRa node for monitoring/anomaly detection
Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks  Accepted 2022.  
International ISI10.  Mehrdad Babazadeh , K. Karimi, L. Taghilou, M.R. Yousefi
Dynamical modeling of granular flow in inclined rotary drums  
Engineering Research Express Vol. 2 (2020PP. 1-14.  [Abstract ]
International ISI9.  Mehrdad Babazadeh
LoRa-based anomaly detection platform: Center and Sensor-side  
IEEE SENSORS JOURNAL  Accepted 2020.   [Abstract ]
International ISI8.  Mehrdad Babazadeh, Kianoosh Karimi
Development of an Arduino101-LoRa based wind speed estimator
Measurement Vol. 146 (2019PP. 241-253.  [Abstract ]
International ISI7.  Mehrdad Babazadeh
Edge analytics for anomaly detection in water networks by an Arduino101-LoRa based WSN
ISA Transactions, Elsevier Vol. 92 (2019PP. 273-285.  [Abstract ]
International6.  Mahdi Zarghami, S. Hassan Hosseinnia, Mehrdad Babazadeh
Optimal Control of EGR System in Gasoline Engine Based on Gaussian Process
ELSEVIER Vol. 50 Issue 1 (2017PP. 3750-3755.  [Abstract ]
International5.  Mehrdad Babazadeh, Vahid Farrokhi
Flexible, Multi-Regional database usage of a new Computer-aided Relay Coordinator
International Journal of Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Computers Vol. 4 Issue 2 (2015PP. 39-44 DOI: 10.18100/ijamec.52123.  [Abstract  ]
International4.  Mehrdad Babazadeh, Vahid Farrokhi, Mojtaba P.Eskandari
Requirements of a New Substation based Protective Relay Coordination
International Journal of Applied Mathematics, Electronics and Computers Vol. 4 Issue 1 (2015PP. 17-23 DOI: 10.18100/ijamec.14505.  [Abstract  ]
International3.  Mehrdad Babazadeh, Walter Lang
Fault Diagnosis while Monitoring Environmental Conditions by a Wireless Sensor Network 
ELSEVIER - IFAC Proceedings Volumes Vol. 42 Issue 13 (2009PP. 272-277.  [Abstract ]
International2.  Babazadeh M., Kreowski H.-J., Lang W.
Selective Predictors of Environmental Parameters in Wireless Sensor Networks
International Journal of Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences Issue 355 (2008PP. 363-25 DOI: 1. 
International1.  Babazadeh M., Jedermann R., Lang W.
A Heuristic Method in Monitoring Environmental Parameters using a Floating Input Approach in Wireless Sensor Networks
International Journal of mathematical models and methods in applied sciences (NAUN) Issue 303 (2008PP. 311-25 DOI: 2. 

Presentations in Seminars & Congress

International 19. Mehdi SHakeri - Mehrdad Babazadeh - Raheleh Shakeri
Periodic Behavior of Telomerase Activity in Relation to Telomere Length in Some Human Cancers

4th International Student Biotechnology Congress

University of Tehran, Tehran-Iran, 25 - 27 February 2019.   [Abstract 
International 18.  Mehrdad Babazadeh, Sokratis Kartakis, Jullie McCann
Highly-Distributed Sensor Processing using IoT for Critical Infrastructure Monitoring
9th Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association (APSIPA)
Asia-Pacific Signal and Information Processing Association, Malaysia, 12 - 15 December 2017.   [Abstract 
International 17.  Mohammad Eftekhari, Mehrdad Babazadeh
high-altitude wind speed Modelling and estimation
3rd National and First International Conference in applied research on Electrical, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
Malek Ashtar Technical University, Tehran-Iran, 17 February 2016.   [Abstract  
International 16.  Mohammad Eftekhari, Mehrdad Babazadeh
Wind speed estimation by using ANN and ANFIS
کنفرانس بین المللی فناوری و مدیریت انرژی
انجمن علمی انرژی ایران, تهران-ایران, 14 - 15 December 2015.   [Abstract  
National 15.  Mohammad Eftekhari, Mehrdad Babazadeh
A new method of wind speed estimation at high altitudes
دومین همایش ملی مدیریت انرژی های نو و پاک
انجمن ارزیابان محیط زیست , همدان-ایران, 13 August 2015.  
ATScience Academic Publishing Group, Selcuk University and Gazi University together with other collaborating universities in Antalya, Turkey, Antalya-Turkey, 4 - 7 August 2015.   [Abstract 
International 13.  Mahdi Zarghami, Mehrdad Babazadeh
An Effective Technique of Simultaneous Fuel Consumption and Torque Error Reductions in Spark Ignition Engines
14th European control Conference
European controls community, Linz-Austria, 15 - 17 July 2015.   [Abstract 
International 12.  Mehrdad Babazadeh, Jorge Garcia, Walter Lang
A new practical ARC-Shaped fractional order hold
23rd Mediterranean Conference on Control & Automation
The Mediterranean Control Association (MCA), Torremolinos-Spain, 16 - 19 June 2015.   [Abstract 
International 11.  Jorge garcia, Mehrdad Babazadeh
Control of Large Scale Wind Power Plants
IEEE PES, 2012, US
 July 2012.  
International 10.  Babazadeh M., Lal I., Lang W.
Energy Saving in a Wireless Sensor Networks by using Floating Input Approach
9th IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing and Information Technology
IEEE, Ajman-United Arab Emirates, 17 December 2009.  
International 9.  Babazadeh M., Lang W.
Combinational Fault Diagnosis in a Monitored Environment by a Wireless Sensor Network
17th IEEE Mediterranean Conference on Control and Automation (Med09)
IEEE, Greece, 24 June 2009.  
International 8.  Babazadeh M., Jedermann R., Lang W.
Comparative study of the best estimators in a New Modeling Technique Using Wireless Sensor Networks
8th WSEAS Int. Conf. on Simulation, Modeling and Optimization (SMO '08)
WSEAS, Spain September 2008.  
International 7.  Babazadeh M., Jedermann R., Lang W.
Empirical Issues of a new Environmental Parameters Modeling Technique Using Wireless Sensor Networks
12th international conference of WSEAS 2008, 22-24 July, Crete, .
WSEAS, Greece July 2008.  
International 6.  Babazadeh M., Lang W.
A New Approach for Modeling Environmental Conditions using Sensor Networks
5th International Conference on Informatics in Control, Automation and Robotics (ICINCO 2008)
Portugal May 2008.  
National 5.  Babazadeh. M.
Assessment the effect of some hidden criterions on current protection relays
Power System Conf
Tehran-Iran  2004.  
National 4.  Babazadeh. M.
Over current & Earth fault Mechanization Program (OE_MP)
Power System Conf.
Tehran-Iran  2004.  
National 3.  Babazadeh. M.
A mechanization program for distance relays
Electric Protection Seminar
Tehran-Iran  2002.  
National 2.  Babazadeh. M., S. Farhangi.
Design and implementation of a robust adaptive speed control of 3 Phase AC motor by 12 pulse current source inverter by minimal control synthesis method” (MCS)
Iran Electrical Engineering Conf
Isfahan-Iran  2000.  
National 1.  Babazadeh. M.
A Practical method for harmonic distortion reduction in power systems
Electrical Protection Seminar
Tehran-Iran  2000.  



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