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Mehrdad Babazadeh


Employments (Full time):

§    2016-2017: Research Associate at Imperial College London / UK

§    2012-2016: As Assistant Professor at the Control department of Uni. Zanjan.

§   2010-2012: Work with Control department at VESTAS/Denmark, the number one company in Modern Energy and contribution in performing many projects.

§   2010-2010: Researcher at Uni. Bremen.

§   2005-2007: Manager in power system planning sector of Zanjan Regional Electricity Company (ZREC).

§   2000-2005: Work as expert of protective relays, software designer, power system designer, short circuit, harmonic, power quality and event analyzer. Member of comity of events and technical decision making groups in ZREC. Supervisor for several research projects in ZREC.

§   1999-2000: Work as expert of power system studies in ZREC (Zanjan Regional Electricity Company). Supervisor for several research projects in ZREC.

§   1993-1995: Practical maintenance works on Elevators and industrial electricity systems.



Employment (Part-time): 

§   2000-2002: Part-time appointment with Uni. Zanjan.

§   2001-2002: Part-time appointment with Shahid Abbaspour Training Center.

§   1997-2000: Work with a private company (Shayan Nava) to design and implement an automatic production line.

§   1999-1999: (One semester) Work Part-time lecturer at Azad University of Abhar.

§   1993-1997 and 1999-2000: Work with research center of power electronics in the IUST.

§   1993-1993: Work with ZREC on short circuit analysis project (two months).

§  1991-1992: Work with “Niroo Research Institute (N.R.I)” on developing a software for large size network’s short circuit analyzing (6 months).

§  1990-1992: Voluntary work at IUST to develop an 'Electric Circuits analysis' software package. 





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