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Mehrdad Babazadeh

Educational Background

PhD : Uni. Bremen, Germany, Control Systems , 2010-2007
Thesis Title : Plausibility check and Energy management in a semi autonomous wireless sensor network using a model based approach
Subject-class : Energy Management, System Identification, Wireless Sensor Networks, Fault detection and diagnosis
Supervisor : Prof. Walter Lang

PhD : Imperial College London, UK, IOT , 2017-2016
Thesis Title : Post-doc:Implementation of Anomaly detection by using IOT
Subject-class : Implementation of Anomaly detection by using IOT
Supervisor : Jullie A. McCann

M.Sc : University of Tehran, Iran, Control Systems
Thesis Title : Design and implementation of a Robust adaptive speed control of high power 3_ phase ac motor by 12-pulse current source inverter with Minimum Control Synthesis (MCS) method
Subject-class : Power Electronics, Robust Adaptive Control
Supervisor : Prof. Shahrokh Farhangi

B.Sc : Iran University of Science & Technology, Iran, Power Systems
Thesis Title : Design and implementation of a wide range three-phase SPWM voltage source inverter by IGBT switches
Subject-class : Power Electronics
Supervisor : Siamak Abedin pour



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