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Iman Shahabi-Ghahfarrokhi

Educational Background

PhD : University of Tehran, Iran, Food Engineering , 2014-2009
Thesis Title : Modification of Kefiran Biopolymer Using Gamma-Irradiation, Nano-cellulose, and Nano-ZnO; and the investigation of Nano-ZnO Releasing in Food Simulant
Subject-class : Nano-Biopolymers, Migration of Nano particles, Food Packaging

PhD : Michigan State University, USA, Food Packaging , 2013
Thesis Title : Sabbatical Research- Investigation of the Migration of Nano-Clay from PP/Nano-Clay Film to Food Simulants

M.Sc : University of Tebriz, Iran, Food Science and Technology , 2008-2006
Thesis Title : Investigation of Antibacterial Properties of the Grape Seed and the Pomegranate Peel Extracts on Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris in Apple Juice

B.Sc : Isfahan University of Technology, Iran , 2006-2002



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