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Mahdi Nasiri

Mahdi Nasiri
Assistant professor


      +98 (0) 24 3305 2375
Room 330, Department of ٍEnglish Language Teaching, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zanjan, University Blvd., 45371-38791, Zanjan, I. R. Iran


  • Assessment and Testing

I have always been interested in Assessment and Testing, especially when it comes to Teachers’ Assessment Literacy (TAL). That is why I spend a great proportion of my time with international examinations of IELTS and TOEFL. Dynamic Assessment (DA) along with its combination with technology, Computerized Dynamic Assessment (CDA), is one of my favorite areas of research.

  • Composition Writing

As far as Language Literacy is concerned, Writing Skill gains a high importance. As part of academic society, I believe that writing skill coupled with related issues is of prime importance across different educational levels.

  • Critical Pedagogy

Critical Pedagogy (CP) and its practice in untouched research contexts is another area of my interest.