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Farhang Farrokhi

Other Research Activities



Research Projects:

2007 till 2009  : Standardize Iranian Libraries as World Libraries – Zanjan - Iran

2006 till 2007 : A Survey on the Defection of structures and Architecture in Projects - Zanjan University - Zanjan - Iran

2006 till 2007 : Optimizing Sidewalks for Handicaps - Zanjan University - zanjan-Iran

2005 till 2006 : Connector of Project "General Management of Water of ZanjanProvince - Zanjan University (In Progress)

2004 till 2005: Connector to Project “Identify the danger - zone of Zanjan roads” Zanjan Azad University

2004 till 2005: Coordinator to Project “How to build our School in EQ-zone” a Cause-Study about the Schools of Zanjan Province - Zanjan - Iran

2004 till 2005: Advisor to Project “Methods to build a good Concrete in different Climates”- Zanjan - Iran

2004 till 2005: Advisor to Project “Identify the danger zone between Zanjan-Mianeh road”- Zanjan - Iran

2004 till 2005: Advisor to Project “The Ways for safe Dam-Foundation in EQ”, Zanjan - Iran

1994 till now : Advisor to several M.S. Students, in different Countriesand Iran

2003 till 2004: Advisor to Project “High strength concrete in Asphalt”- Zanjan - Iran

1997 till 1999: Coordinator and advisor of several Fasteners development in Fisher Co, Stuttgart, Germany


Publications (Written or Translated From other Languages):

F. Farrokhi and S. Babakhani, Strength of Material (in Farsi & in Press)

F. Farrokhi -Working with Concrete in under water and Pile Foundation (Translated from German to Farsi and in Progress)

F. Farrokhi and S. Abbassi, Revere Design

F. Farrokhi - Defects of construction from architectural and structural view

F. Farrokhi - River Design

F. Farrokhi - Safari – Bayat Beidaghi

F. Farrokhi - Ghadaki Moghadam , Structural Analysis Π – Jan2008 (in progress)



Nov2007 :Second seminar of the Salt Men - Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism organization  of Zanjan-Iran

Sep2007 : 38th Iranian Math conference - Administrator board member- Zanjan  University - Iran

Jul2007 : The first Iranian Olympiad Games - Administrator board member-Physical training organization - Zanjan - Iran

May2007 : National civil Conference- Tabriz - Iran

Autumn2006 : Devotee and architecture conference - Bonyad Shahid(Martyr Foundation) - Tehran-Iran

Summer2006 : Housing and Architecture Conference-Bou Ali sina University - Hamadan - Iran

Jan 2004 till now : Several Meeting of Managers of Technology Parks and Incubatorsin Iran 

May 2006: 7th Congress of Civil Engineers, Tarbiat Modaares University (TMU) - Tehran -Iran

Jul    2005: Elite meeting and Seminar in Khodabandeh, Zanjan, Iran 

May 2005: IT in Village, ElmoSanat University – Tehran, Iran

Jul   2004: Iran and Russia International Water resource conference – Shahrekord, Iran

Jul   2004: Iran first Nanotechnology Conference in North-west of Iran – Tabriz, Iran

Jul   2004: Elite meeting and Seminar in Khodabandeh, Zanjan, Iran 

Jul   2003: Elite meeting and Seminar in Khodabandeh, Zanjan, Iran   



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