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Mohsen Kalantari

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
Feasibility analysis of developing urban green space emphasizing green roofs Case Study   Leader   دانشگاه زنجان
Speleology and the feasibility study of establishing tourism infrastructure in Doodza cave   Leader 2013  2015
Study of the facilitators of growth of smuggling in the Zanjan Province   ColleagueApril 2011April  2012Zanjan Police Department
Providing spatial database and atlas of smuggling in Booshehr province using GIS   LeaderJanuary 2010March  2012Booshehr Police Department
Study and development of tourism based projects Soltanieh - Kedar - Ktlhkhvr   Leader February  2012
   Leader   2009دفتر تحقیقات کاربردی پلیس پیشگیری ناجا
Journal of the Executive Branch program (Part two)   Leader   2017معاونت برنامه ریزی استانداری
Reorganization plan space of Khodabandeh city and rural settlements   LeaderFebruary 2008January  2008Zanjan UniversityZanjan University
The Institute of Zanjan crime   LeaderJanuary 2000January  2000Zanjan UniversityZanjan University
Status of development of cultural and social capital in urban and rural settlements province   LeaderNovember 2007December  2007معاونت برنامه ریزی استانداریZanjan University
Journal of the Executive Branch program (Part One)   LeaderFebruary 2007January  2009معاونت برنامه ریزی استانداریZanjan University
Obtain and draw delinquency Atlantic provinces of Tehran, Khorasan, Kermanshah and South   LeaderJanuary 2007January  2008سازمان زندانها
System offers the Zanjan University   ColleagueFebruary 2000April  2000Zanjan UniversityZanjan University
Process re-engineering at the University of Zanjan   ColleagueJanuary 2004January  2003Zanjan UniversityZanjan University
Ecotourism Attractions of Sorkhabad and Angooran protected Area   LeaderAugust 2002February  2003Department of Environment
Geographic pattern of crime in the areas of Tehran   LeaderJanuary 2002January  2002مركز آموزش و پژوهش سازمان زندانها و اقدامات تأميني و تربيتي كشور
Responsibility of corporations (CEO, president and board of directors)   LeaderFebruary 2003February  2003کانون وکلای دادگستری مرکز
Ahar city reorganization plan rural settlement   ColleagueJanuary 2003January  2005مهندسين مشاور نقش محيط
Geographic pattern of crimes ranging from drug trafficking in Tehran.   LeaderJanuary 2000January  2001سازمان زندانها
Assessment of supply centers in Tehran plants   ColleagueJanuary 2000January  2000شركت مهندسين مشاور گنو
Major field of study of fruit and vegetable Tehran   ColleagueJanuary 1999January  2000شهرداری تهرانشهرداری تهران



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