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Mohsen Kalantari

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
15 seyyede somayyeh manafi February  2011masters Place survey of decision support systems in urban planning in Iran (Case Study: Traffic control plan in Zanjan)   SuperVisor
14 abozar bakhshi bashirat September  2011masters Revived and revitalized approach to evaluating the old city of Yazd Astafadh Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP) (Case study: six windward quarter)   SuperVisor
13 leila kazemi February  2012masters Role in restoring damages caused by earthquake insurance to residential units in the urban areas (Zanjan City Case Study)   SuperVisor
12 masome abedpor April  2012masters Analysis of spatial patterns of tourism attractions and infrastructure in Zanjan using GIS (case study facilities, transportation networks)   SuperVisor
11 mahdi heydari   2012masters Iran Tourism Development Strategies of Urban Swat using analytical model (Case study: Hamedan)   SuperVisor
10 rahim ghlomhosseini February  2012masters Evaluation of quality lighting solutions aimed at increasing security in urban areas (case study: Various Focus Lighting delinquency   SuperVisor
9 nafise fasihi   2012masters Pathology of infrastructural facilities of spatial distribution of archaeological tourist attractions (the study of residential facilities)   SuperVisor
8 roghyyeh karami   2012masters Assess the spatial distribution and location of police stations in urban areas using GIS (Case study: Police Station)   SuperVisor
7 marzieh malek   2012masters Spatial analysis and classification of tourist attractions and transportation infrastructure in the desert regions of Iran   SuperVisor
6 samira moradi mofrad   2012masters Application of artificial networks in urban issues of Iran (case study: analysis of accident sampling)   SuperVisor
5 somayye rashid khani   2012masters Pathology of the physical spaces of the city and its impact on crime, with an emphasis on environmental design approach (Sptd) Case Study: City staff   SuperVisor
4 hamid akbari rahimloo   2012masters Identification and analysis of crime hotspot areas using GIS (Case Study: Theft in Qazvin)   SuperVisor
3 mehri bayatzade February  2012masters Historical tourism Walking routes in tissue sampling design   Advisor
2 malahat ahmadi September  2012masters Pedestrian-oriented shopping centers designed to promote vitality in urban areas - the case of the second phase of the new campus   Advisor
1 maryam mahlesi September  2012masters Environmental pathology, physical facilitated the commission of crime in urban areas   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
3 zeinab alikhanloo June  2013bachelor project   SuperVisor
2 Elahe nazari daneshvar June  2013bachelor project   SuperVisor
1 mahnaz khalili ghare hajloo June  2013bachelor project   SuperVisor



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