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Seyed Hesamuddin Aliasin

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
22 Golnaz Babamiri October  2011TEFL Impact of different demands of output tasks on reading comprehension and reading strategy use by EFL learners   SuperVisor
21 Parisa Pouyan September  2011TEFL A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Teaching ESP by the EFL Teachers and the Specialists in the Field Students Point of Views   SuperVisor
20 Robabeh Esfandiari April  2011TEFL The Relationship Between EFL Learners Emotional Intelligence and Their Performance on Cloze Tests   SuperVisor
19 Maryam Karimi December  2012TEFL The Impact of Theachers Implicit Versus Explicit Corrective Feedback on Learning L Grammar by Iranian English Learners a FormFocused Approach   SuperVisor
18 Ehsaneh Khodadoust March  2013TEFL The Relationship between Morphological Awareness and English Vocabulary Knowledge of Iranian EFL Learners   SuperVisor
17 Seyed Javad Mousavi October  2012TEFL The Effect of Storytelling on EFL Learners Vocabulary Recall   SuperVisor
16 Yasaman Sarraf Tehrani February  2013TEFL The Effects of Gloss Types on Vocabulary Learning by Iranian EFL Learners   SuperVisor
15 Soheil Ebrahimi Zare October  2013TEFL The Effect of Input/Output-Based Task Types on Incidental Vocabulary Learning with Reference to Involvement Load Hypothesis: A Case Study of Male Iranian Junior High School   SuperVisor
14 Malak Ziba Mehrinejad October  2010TEFL The influence of task complexity on Iranian EFL learners' performance on reading comprehension and vocabulary learning   SuperVisor
13 Nafiseh Habibi October  2010TEFL Uniiversity and high school teachers' beliefs about teaching English to Elementaryschool children in Iran   SuperVisor
12 Mahdi Noshadi February  2013TEFL The Impact of Pre-task Planning on the Improvement of Iranian EFL Learners’ Writing Skill in Task-based Language Teaching (TBLT)   SuperVisor
11 Reza Tavakoli _OCTOBER  2015TEFL A Study on the Scaffolding Effect of Structured Academic Controversy (SAC) on Iranian EFL Intermediate Students’ English Proficiency within Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) Context   SuperVisor
10 Mojde Zuzani _SEPTEMBER  2016TEFL The Effect of IWB-mediated versus Conventional Corrective Feedback on L2 Vocabulary Learning: The Case of Iranian Intermediate EFL Learners   SuperVisor
9 Sayedeh Zoleikha Sajadi _AUGUST  2016TEFL The Effect of Visual Input Enhancement on the Learning and Retention of L2 Vocabulary by Iranian EFL Learners   SuperVisor
8 Lalezar Khani _MARCH  2016TEFL The Effect of Extensive Reading on Reading Performance and Reading Motivation of Iranian Senior High School EFL Learners   SuperVisor
7 Zahra Saeedi _MARCH  2016TEFL The Relationship between Iranian EFL Teachers` Perception of Task-based Language Teaching and Their Dominant Teaching Style   SuperVisor
6 Bahador Taherkhani _MARCH  2015TEFL The Relationship between Metacognitive Strategy Training and Locus of Control as Predictors of EFL Learners' Listening Comprehension Skill   SuperVisor
5 Samira Abbasi _MARCH  2014TEFL The Relationship between Iranian EFL Learners’ Emotional Intelligence and their Use of Metacognitive Reading Strategies   SuperVisor
4 Mehdi Amanlu _MARCH  2014TEFL The Effect of Alternative Assessment Techniques of Reading Comprehension on EFL Learners' Self – Efficacy in Reading: A Case Study on Iranian High Schools   SuperVisor
3 Bayazid Daneshfar _MARCH  2015TEFL The Effect of Dynamic Assessment on Grammar Achievement of Iranian Third Grade Secondary School EFL Learners   SuperVisor
2 Reza Azimi _FEBRUARY  2014TEFL The Effects of Consciousness-Raising Tasks (C-RTs) on the Iranian EFL Learners' Grammatical Performance: The Case of Simple Present Tense   SuperVisor
1 Faezeh Azarkia _OCTOBER  2010TEFL The Relationship between Iranian EFL Learners’ Attitudes towards English Language Learning and Their Inferencing Ability in Reading Comprehension   SuperVisor



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