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Rasoul Moharrami

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
3 In progress Residual stress and mechanical properties evaluation by Indentation analysis   SuperVisor
2 In progress Research subject:   SuperVisor
1 In progress Research subject:   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
16 Payam Azadian June  2012Mechanical Engineering Study onresidual stresses redistribution due to shot peening on welded joints  
15 Mohsen Sadri December  2011Mechanical Engineering Study on non uniform residual stress measurement by Ring-Core Technique  
14 Mina Nabiyar February  2012Mechanical Engineering Study on effects of Residual stresses on buckling strength of welded cylinder  
13 Behzad Hemmati February  2012Mechanical Engineering Study on Fatigue Life of a Resistance Spot Weld of Coated Steel  
12 Masoud Ahmadi February  2013Mechanical Engineering Study on residual stresses distribution in dissimilar FSW joint  
11 Babak Akbarzadeh February  2013Mechanical Engineering Study on creep effects on residual stresses distribution due to welding and heat treatment  
10 Abdullah Moradkhani September  2013Mechanical Engineering Study on laser welding process parameters on residual stresses and welding distortion   SuperVisor
9 Soheila Jafari February  2014Mechanical Engineering Study on process parameters on Mechanical behavior of RSW joint   SuperVisor
8 December  2014Mechanical Engineering Study on possibility of hardness measuring in depth by monitoring of drilling torque   SuperVisor
7 In progress Optimization of TIG welding parameters in dissimilar joints using genetic algorithm and comparing with Taguchi method   SuperVisor
6 In progress Experimental and numerical study on the effects of CRT transformers core configuration on noise level and behavior    SuperVisor
5 In progress Experimental and numerical study on effects of EDM parameters on mechanical behavior of machined surface   SuperVisor
4 In progress Numerical Study on Health of Underwater Welded Pipe due to Explosion   SuperVisor
3 In progress Experimental Stress Analysis Around of Geometric Defect in a plate by digital shearography    SuperVisor
2 In progress Study on determination of biaxial Residual Stresses by Magnetic Method   SuperVisor
1 In progress IHD   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
12 a October  2012a a  
11 a   2012Mechanical Engineering a  
10 a October  2012Mechanical Engineering a  
9 a   2012Mechanical Engineering a  
8 a   2012Mechanical Engineering a  
7 a October  2012Mechanical Engineering a  
6 a   2012Mechanical Engineering a  
5 a   2012Mechanical Engineering a  
4 a   2011Mechanical Engineering a  
3 September  2012Thesis Possibility of Reveres engineering and redesign of servo valves   SuperVisor
2 Reza Esmaeili September  2012Thesis a   SuperVisor
1 Reza Sourki September  2012Thesis a   SuperVisor



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