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Emarn Heshmati

Educational Background

PhD : Tarbiat Modres University, IRAN, Biophysics , 2008-2003
Thesis Title : Study of the radiosensitizing effects of gemcitabine on HeLa and MRC5 c ells using MN assay and computational study
Subject-class : Computational biophysics and Radiation biophysics
Supervisor : Parviz Abdolmaleki PhD and Hossein Mozdarani PhD

M.Sc : PUN, Iran, روان‌شناسی , 2019-2017
Thesis Title : Development and validation of the smartphone addiction questionnaire and the investigation of the role of the early maladaptive in the smartphone addiction.
Subject-class : Media, Addiction,Schema
Supervisor : Dr. Ahmad Alipour

M.Sc : Tarbiat Modres University, IRAN, Biophysics , 2002-1999
Subject-class : Radiation biophysics
Supervisor : Mehdi Ghiassi-Nejad PhD

B.Sc : Shahid Chamran University, IRAN, Biology , 1996-1992



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