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Emarn Heshmati

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
7 Mahnaz Mohtashami-maali March  2014Animal science The effect of Ferula gummosa essential oil on Hela and MRC5 cell lines using MTT assay   SuperVisor
6 Sanaz Mohammadi-habib June  2014Animal science The effect of Thymus carmanicus extract on Hela and MRC5 cell lines using MTT assay   Advisor
5 Roghayeh Mohammadi September  2015Biochemistry Bioinformatics studies on the effects of different types of M1S1 related SNPs on the level of protein structure   SuperVisor
4 Mahin Ghadimi In progressBiochemistry The investigation of dipeptides propensity for secondary structures in all-alpha and all-beta protein classes.    SuperVisor
3 Parisa Ghanavatian March  2015biochemistry Investigating the role of the residue A19 on the structure and function of sweet-tasting Brezzein   Advisor
2 Alireza Beyramzadeh In progressBiochemistry Investigating the role of α2 domain in pathogenesis of human prion protein using site directed mutagenesis   SuperVisor
1 Himan Mohammadnejadi In progressBiochemistry Computational study of thermophile, mesophile and psychrophilic forms of adenylate kinases and comparison with experimental data   Advisor



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