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Plant production and genetics

Department of Plant production and genetics  along with Animal Husbandry Department as the first educational departments in the University of Zanjan established in 1975 in the form of School of Higher Education. The department was formed with the aim of educating students who are able to act as experts in different areas of crop production, as well as a lecturer and researcher at universities and agricultural research centers. During nearly four decades of scientific activities in functional dimensions and many aspects of scientific research, this department has played a constructive and leading role in Iran agricultural sciences. MSc education expanded by the admission of students in the fields of Agricultural Biotechnology and Plant Breeding in 2002 and also Agriculture in 2007. Currently, the department accepts students at MSc level in three fields of Agricultural Biotechnology, Plant Breeding and Agriculture and PhD students in the fields of Agricultural Biotechnology, Plant Breeding- Genetics Biometry, Plant Breeding -Molecular Genetics and Genetics Engineering and Crop Physiology.

In line with the development of the department students’ admission in the higher education programs in the fields of Weed Detection and Control, Science and Technology of Seed, Agricultural Mechanization and Processing of Medicinal Plants at the MSc level is in the agenda. Agronomy and Plant Breeding Department includes 13 faculty members, 96 undergraduates, 63 graduate students and 50 PhD students. The 10-year outlook of the group for crop production is based on friendly environmental production principles and related environmental aspects. It also aims to develop studying about abiotic stresses particularly cold, drought and salinity.

Due to this, the group seeks to create an integration and interdisciplinary education with various departments of the University. In this regard, some aspects of crop production that relies on maintaining the resources, increasing input use efficiency and environmental protection will be taught. In addition, climate change and global warming will be the focus of educational and research activities of this department.




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Agronomy & Plant Breeding (Agronomy)


Agronomy & Plant Breeding (Plant Breeding)



Agricultural Biotechnology


Plant Breeding





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Plant Breeding (Molecular Genetics & Genetics Engineering)


Agricultural Biotechnology



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