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Last Update: 5-8-2023
Water Science and Engineering Department

Water Science and Engineering Department is one of the educational departments in the Agriculture Faculty. This department formed and began its educational activities in 2005. Currently, students’ admission in this department is in the fields of Water Science and Engineering at BSc level and also Irrigation and Drainage Engineering and Hydro-Structural Engineering at MSc level. This department also offers some courses of other educational departments at the Agriculture Faculty including General irrigation, weather and climate, Agricultural Meteorology, Principles of Drainage and Mapping. Moreover, according to 400 hectares of the university campus, which much of it is educational farm and green space, members of the academic board with the establishment of specialized laboratories, do educational and research activities like designing and implementing of water utilities and irrigation networks. These activities are already ongoing seriously.

Educational Purposes:

Training knowledgeable and efficient water engineering experts in the fields of:

1. Identifying the source of measurable surface water, statistical analysis

2. Planning for optimal exploitation.

3. Identifying the groundwater resources, including Identification of aquifer, pumping tests operation, designing exploitation facilities, and planning optimal water use.

4. Identifying Water and soil relationships to determine the time and water height of irrigation.

5. Measuring water consumption required for plant growth and planning the optimal utilization of limited water resources and providing a combination of excellent culture.

6. Study, design and implementation of canals and hydraulic structures of irrigation and drainage networks.

7. Designing and implementation of diversion dams - dams and related facilities

8. Study, design and implementation of all engineering river task - flood control

9. Familiarity with variety of pumps and pump selection and designing the equipment of wells operation and pumping stations.

10. Designing and implementation of pressurized water supply projects.

11. Designing and implementation of surface and pressurized irrigation projects.

Research Purposes:

1. Implementation of Research projects in the field of irrigation resources, irrigation, water quality, water resources pollution in order to improve the efficiency of water resources of province and country.

2. Providing consultancy services for research centers.

Administrative Purposes:

1. Providing consultancy services, design and supervision of water resources and regional Irrigation projects.

2. Designing, monitoring, and providing consultancy services for university irrigation facilities.

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