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Last Update: 9-9-2016
Agriculture Faculty

The Faculty of Agriculture began its educational activities in 1975-1976, launching undergraduate programs in agricultural and farm management fields with 63 students and 6 full-time faculty members. Following that, the departments of Agricultural Extension, Communication and Rural Development (Agricultural Extension and Education), Horticulture, Plant Protection, Soil Science, Apiculture, Water Engineering, and Food Science and Technology were established.With the development of faculty, students are engaged in theoretical and practical learning and education in 8 departments, which include 1065 students in 14 BSc courses, 483 students in 24 MSc courses, and 133 students in 33 PhD courses. 



Agricultural extension, communication & Rural development

Agronomy & Plant Breeding

Animal Science

Food Science & Technology


Water Science and Engineering

Plant Protection

Soil Sciences


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