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Hossein Asakereh

Research Projectes

Project Title Responsibility Start Date End Date Kind of Project Commander Availibility
Analysis of changes in rainfall-runoff relation in the climate change context and it view in next century   LeaderJune 2020In ProgressCompany of Isfahan regional water
Application of climate scenarios in simulating synoptic patterns affecting Iran's climate during the next century   LeaderNovember 2020In ProgressPost Doctoral student
Studies on the development plan of Zanjan province    ColleagueOctober 2017June  2021Zanjan Management and Planning Organization
Changes in length of Iran's dry season 
[Abstract  ] 
LeaderOctober 2017December  2018University of Zanjan
Synoptic Analysis of Cold Days in Iran   LeaderMarch 2016January  2017AppliedUniversity of Zanjan
Synoptic analysis of atmospheric patterns associated with precipitation result in fllod in Bazooft watershed.   LeaderSeptember 2014May  2016Company of Isfahan regional water
Analysis of probability of wet and dry days frequency in Qazvin Province   LeaderApril 2011March  2016Company of Qazvin regional water
Statistical analysis of high extreme temperature in Iran's climate   LeaderNovember 2014December  2014University of Zanjan
Conditional probability of precipitation states to temperature state over Iran   LeaderNovember 2012September  2013University of Zanjan
Tempo-spatial changes in precipitation over northwest of Iran   LeaderJune 2011August  2012University of Zanjan
probability of wet and dry day accurance and duration in Hamadan Province   LeaderJanuary 2010January  2011AppliedRigional WaterResorce company of Deputy of Research and Technical Affairs of Hamadan
Trend of extreme Temperature and Precipitation in Hormozgan Province   LeaderDecember 2009December  2009AppliedRigional WaterResorce company of Deputy of Research and Technical Affairs of Hormozgan Province
Statistical Analysis of trend of extreme precipitation in Zanjan City   LeaderJanuary 2010January  2011AppliedZanjan University
Analysis of probability of early frost frequency in Zanjan   LeaderOctober 2007May  2009University of Zanjan
Detecting the synoptic stations that monitoring precipitation system change in Iran   LeaderApril 2004April  2009AppliedIslamic Repoblic Meteorological Organization
Probability Frequency Analysis of Untimely and Serotinous freezing temperature in Zanjan   LeaderDecember 2007May  2009AppliedZanjan University
tempo-Spatial change of Iran precipitation during recent Centuries   LeaderMarch 2004April  2005AppliedZanjan University
Statistical Analysis of Annual Temperature Change in Zanjan City During recent centuries   LeaderJanuary 2002January  2003AppliedZanjan University



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