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Hossein Asakereh


Book title Kind of Publication Publisher Author/Authors Translator/Translators Publacation Date PDF FILE
Basic Mathematics for Geography   WritingSAMT Publication Hossein Asakereh June 2023 
Fundamentals of Statistical Climatology (Second Edition, Fully Revised)   WritingUniversity of Zanjan Press Hossein Asakereh May 2022 
Fundamentals of Research in Climatology   Writing Hossein Asakereh June 2017 
Basic Mathematics for Geography 
[Abstract  ] 
Writing Hossein Asakereh June 2016 
Fundamentals of Biogeography (fully revised)   Writing Hossein Asakereh January 2016 
Atmospheric Data Analysis and Display   Writing S.A Masoodian, H Asakereh, B Mohammadi and A.H Halabian June 2011 
Fundamentals of Statistical Climatology   WritingZanjan University H. Asakereh(Ph.D) October 2011 
Climate Change   WritingZanjan University Hossein Asakereh December 2007 
Principle of Biogeography   WritingZanjan University Hossein Asakereh(PH.D) January 2006 



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