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Hossein Asakereh

Supervisor/ Advisor of Projects

Course: PhD
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
22 Esmail nasrabadi _MARCH  2013Physical Geography - Climatology An Analysis of Variations of Frequency Distribution of Daily Precipitation of Iran   Advisor
21 Zohreh Maryanaji _AUGUST  2012Physical Geography - Climatology Variation of Precipitation Regime In Iran   SuperVisor
20 Nosrat Farhad _MAY  2014Climatology Analysis of atmospheric conditions associated with summer rainfall in south zagros   SuperVisor
19 Saied Baliani _NOVEMBER  2014Climatology Statistical- Synoptical analysis of the precipitation regime changes of Northern Persian Gulf Case study: Helleh and Mond Basins   Advisor
18 Younes Khosravi _SEPTEMBER  2015Climatology Spatial Analysis of Water Vapor and Synoptic Investigation of their Anomalies in South and Southwest of Iran   Advisor
17 Seyed Mahdi Dostkamian June  2019Climatology Analysis changes in mechanisms of atmospheric patterns associated with widespread precipitation over Iran   SuperVisor
16 Saeideh Ashrafi   Climatology Analysis and assessment of climate changes effects on precipitation and run-off in RoodZard catchment, Khoozestan    Advisor
15 Sahar Sadrafshari September  2019Climatology Simulation the changes in cyclones’ behavior on the future precipitation climatology of west of Iran in relation with shifting the wheat cultivating change    SuperVisor
14 Sohyla Shirmohammadi   Climatology Recognizing and analysis of extreme precipitation events over west of Iran    Advisor
13 Manizhh Kiyaninezhad September  2020Climatology Climatology of precipitabl water over Iran   Advisor
12 Lyla Hosseinjani September  2020Climatology Statistical- Climatological analysis of changes in high extreme and widespread precipitation over Iranian Caspian coastal region.   SuperVisor
11 Bahram ShahMansori February  2021Climatology An assessment of climate change and vulnerability of Air quality of the city; A case study: Arak cty 
10 Hasan Shadman February  2021Climatology Modelling of precipitation behaviour in northwest of Iran 
9 Nasrin Varnaseri Ghandali June  2021Climatology (Climate Change) A view on rainy season changes in Caspian Sea region   SuperVisor
8 Sakineh Khani Tamleh June  2021Climatology Investigation of associated changes in Red Sea trough and precipitation in west and southwest of Iran in the climate change context   SuperVisor
7 Soma Zandkarimi June  2021Climatology (Climate Change) Analysis of changes in tropopause height and its relationship with some of the climate change indices over Iran during recent decades   SuperVisor
6 Fatemeh Tarkarani July  2022Climatology On the changes in length of precipitation season of Iran in the climatic changes context   SuperVisor
5 Robab Razmi February  2023Climatology Explanation of some atmospheric processes (precipitation and evaporation) and land use on the amount of runoff in the Karun basind   SuperVisor
4 Seyed Mohammad Hosseini Sedigh September  2023Climatology Temporal and spatial changes in Hadly cell of the Northern Hemisphere and its effect on atmospheric drought of Iran    Advisor
3 Roya Porkarim Barabadi November  2023Climatology Changes in intensity - frequency of hybrid Mediterranean -Red sea atmospheric patterns and their consequences on Iran’s precipitation    SuperVisor
2 Lila Ahadi February  2024Climatology The use of climate scenarios in simulating the future of extreme temperature and its effect on the thermal resilience of Zanjan   SuperVisor
1 Narges Hesami April  2024Climatology Analysis of changes in rainfall - runoff relationships in the climate change context (A case study: Zayandeh Rood basin)   SuperVisor

Course: M.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
66 Jousef Sadaie October  2007Climatology Climate and Housing in Sarab City   SuperVisor
65 Navid Kasaeian February  2008Climatology Statistico-Climatologic Analyses of Drought in Gilan Province   SuperVisor
64 Mostafa AmirAshayeri February  2008Climatology Lavin-Piranshar River Basin Hydroclimatology   SuperVisor
63 Freshteh Mazini February  2009Climatology Probability - Frequancy of Drought and Moist in Golestan Province   SuperVisor
62 Saede Ashrafi January  2010Climatology climatico-precipitation Clasification of Azarbayjan Reigen   SuperVisor
61 Soheyla Maleki February  2010Climatology Decomposition Companent of temperature of ZanjanProvince   SuperVisor
60 Zohreh syfipoor October  2010Climatology ُSpatial modeling of IranPrecipitation   SuperVisor
59 rebab Razmi June  2010Climatology Precipitation Regime Change in Azarbayjan reigen   SuperVisor
58 Nosrat Farhadi September  2009Climatology Assessing Khuzestan province temperature changes in last decades   SuperVisor
57 Fatemeh Sotodeh October  2010Climatology Relationship of SLP Patterns with Septamber-October Precipitation In Gilan Province   SuperVisor
56 Ali Bayat September  2010Climatology Time Series Analysis of Annual Precipitation in Zanjan City   SuperVisor
55 Mokhtar Vakily September  2010Climatology Time Series Analysis of Annual Precipitation in Sanandaj City    SuperVisor
54 Halimeh Karegar September  2011Climatology Climatic Analyses of Sultry Phenomenon in Khoozestan Province   SuperVisor
53 Mehraneh Babai Kohkandeh September  2011Climatology Analyses of Trends of Extreme Precipitation in Mazandran Province During Last Decades   SuperVisor
52 Soheila Shirmohamadi October  2011Climatology Fourier Modeling of Temperature and Precipitation in Zanjan City   SuperVisor
51 Soghra Soltani March  2012Climatology Synoptic Analyses of Heavy Precipitation in Northwest of Iran   SuperVisor
50 Hasan Shadman February  2011Climatology Synoptic Analyses of Hot wave in Iran   SuperVisor
49 Fatemeh Nami October  2012Climatology Synoptic and Dynamic Analyses of Sultry in southern Coast of Caspian Sea   SuperVisor
48 Soheyla Rahimi September  2012Climatology Synoptic Analyses of Iran Frosts   SuperVisor
47 Mahin Sajadi October  2013climatology Synoptic Analyses of Weather Type in Saghez City   SuperVisor
46 Shima Rezaei _SEPTEMBER  2013synoptic climatology Analysis of tempo - Spetial Changes of Red Sea Low Trogh   SuperVisor
45 Azar Beyranvand _OCTOBER  2013Synoptic Climatology Tempo-Spatial Changes Of Subtropical Jet Stream On Iran   SuperVisor
44 Mokhtar Fatahian _OCTOBER  2013Synoptic Climatology Tampo-Spatial Changes Of Subtropical High Pressure (STHP) On Iran Climatical Region   SuperVisor
43 Mehdi Doostkamian _OCTOBER  2013Synoptic Climatology Tempo-Spatial Changes Of Perceptible Water In Iran Climatic   SuperVisor
42 Nasrin Varnaseri Ghandali _SEPTEMBER  2014Synoptic Climatology Synoptic Analysis Of Widespread Droughts In Khuzestan Province During Recent Decades   SuperVisor
41 Sayedeh Mahin Sajjadi _OCTOBER  2013Synoptic Climatology Synoptic Analysis Of Weather Types Of Saqez   SuperVisor
40 Zahra Rabiee _SEPTEMBER  2014Synoptic Climatology Synoptic Systems Synchronized With Different Phases Of Arectic Oscillation (AO) And Their Impact Son Winter Temperatures Of Iran   SuperVisor
39 Zeainab Shamohamadi _SEPTEMBER  2014Synoptic Climatology Effects Of Different Phases Of North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) On Perceptible Systems Of Iran During Winter   SuperVisor
38 Ali Shahbaee Kotenaee _OCTOBER  2014Synoptic Climatology Synoptic Analysis Of Winter Cold Waves In Iran   SuperVisor
37 Sakineh Khani _SEPTEMBER  2014Synoptic Climatology Effects Of Synoptic Systems On Temperature Of Iran During Different Phases Of ENSO   SuperVisor
36 Seyedeh Kobra Mousavi _FEBRUARY  2015Applied Climatology Erosion Potential Of Wind In Khuzestan Province ; A Climatic Survey   SuperVisor
35 Narges Hesami _MARCH  2015Synoptic Climatology A Synoptic Analysis Of Circulation Patterns Associated With Heavy Rainfall In Bazoft Basin   SuperVisor
34 Roya Amiri _OCTOBER  2015Climatology The Synoptic and Dynamic Analysis of Heat Waves over Kurdistan Province   Advisor
33 ُُShiva mohammadi _FEBRUARY  2015Physical Geography - Hydro Geomorphology Subject Monitoring of Geo Climate Structure in Hydro Geomorphologic Basins with the Emphasis on Hydrographic Network (Case Study: Maharloo Basin   Advisor
32 Zahra Habibiniya _SEPTEMBER  2012physical geography Evaluating and Analyzing of Solar Energy Potential in Northwest of iran   Advisor
31 Sakineh Karsaz _JUNE  2010Physical Geography - Climatology A Study of the Synoptic Condition Associated with Precipitation in Southern Zagros Moderate Rainfall Region   Advisor
30 Fereshteh Hosseinalipour Jazi _JUNE  2010Physical Geography - Climatology A Study of the Synoptic Condition Associated with Precipitation in Southern Low Rainfall Region   Advisor
29 Nasrin Mohammadian _DECEMBER  2010Physical Geography - Climatology Assessing Situation of spring frost in Kermanshah - Garden Products with an Emphasis on Damage   Advisor
28 Saiid Mohammad Hosseini _FEBRUARY  2010Physical Geography - Climatology Idntification of Synoptic Conditions Associated with Precipitation in Khazar Semi Rainy Region   Advisor
27 Davod Hezarkhani _OCTOBER  2008Physical Geography - Climatology Climate analyses of Ghom to preparing Climate-Tourism calender   Advisor
26 Abdolali Safari _SEPTEMBER  2007Physical Geography - Climatology An Anaalysis of Climate Conditions for Canola Cultivation in Zanjan Provine   Advisor
25 Ebrahim Garibi _OCTOBER  2009Physical Geography - Climatology The statistical analysis and forecasting on atmospheric action canters activity and its relation onto iran precipitations   Advisor
24 Helaleh Fahimi _OCTOBER  2009Physical Geography - Climatology A study of relation of wather elements and entecification of Carido Vasculer and Respiratory Dseases in Mahabad Township - With emphasize in Tempreture and Wetness   Advisor
23 Younes Akbarzadeh _OCTOBER  2008Physical Geography - Climatology The Analysis of time and place Hail priciptation in Eastern Azarbayjan   Advisor
22 Shahein Abdalei _OCTOBER  2015Climatology Statistical and Synoptical Analysis of Spring Frost in Northwest of Iran   Advisor
21 Farzad Valadi _MARCH  2015Applied Climatology Assessment of Wind Climatic potential in order to produce Electricity in Iran   SuperVisor
20 Farzaneh Fathi _MARCH  2014Applied Climatology Estimation of Evaporation and Water insufficiency in Khoozestan province during recent decades   SuperVisor
19 Mazaher Abolhasani _JUNE  2010Climatology Idntification of Synoptic Conditions Associated with Precipitation in Zagros Semi Rainy Region   Advisor
18 Reza Nazari _JUNE  2007Climatology Investigation of Diurnal Temperature Changes in Iran   Advisor
17 Nayereh Jeriaie _JANUARY  2016Synoptic Climatology Evaluation the Frontalize Function associated with Widespread Snowfall during Winter in Iran   SuperVisor
16 Lida Vaysmoridi _JANUARY  2016Synoptic Climatology Evaluation the Convection Flow Function associated with widespread Precipitation in Iran   SuperVisor
15 Leyla Ahadi _JANUARY  2016Applied Climatology Study the Atmospheric pollution - Threshold of Human health in Tabriz City during 2004-2013   SuperVisor
14 Fariba Sayadi _SEPTEMBER  2012Climatology Analyses and Prediction of Dry Days in Iran by Using Artificial Neural Networks   SuperVisor
13 Mona Akbary September  2016Synoptic Climatology Investigation the role of zonal and meridional wind index on winter precipitation of Iran   SuperVisor
12 Sohyla Mafakhery September  2016Synoptic Climatology Investigation the role of zonal and meridional wind index on wintertemperature of Iran   SuperVisor
11 Mohammad Mohamadi August  2016Applied Climatology On the relationship of some climatic elements and natural gas consumption in Zanjan city over recent decade   SuperVisor
10 Sara Emdadi September  2017Climatology The effect of Arabian sea low level jet stream on the atmospheric condition of southeast of Iran. A case study: Precipitation   SuperVisor
9 ysra Azizi February  2014Climatology The effect of Plum cloud on Iran precipitation   SuperVisor
8 Atoosa Khoojasteh September  2017Climatology The effects of Mediterranean lows on widespread precipitation in fall and winter 
7 Seyedeh Maryam Ecrasydi September  2017Climatology The effects of Mediterranean lows on widespread precipitation in spring and summer   SuperVisor
6 Mansoreh Taheri February  2020Climatology Synoptic- Statistical Analysis of Extreme heat of daytime over the coastal region of Persian Gulf in recent decades    SuperVisor
5 Marzieh Moosavi February  2021Climatology Investigation of relation between Madden-Julian oscillation with daily precipitation of northern coast of Persian Gulf  
4 Somayeh Taheri Alam January  2021Climatology Investigation the changes of Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) in relation with changes in Iran's precipitation  
3 Amir Mohammad Safari August  2021Climatology Atmospheric Condition Associated with Extreme Wind   SuperVisor
2 Somaieh Hasankhani October  2022Climatology Climatic projection of sultry weather in the next century in Khuzestan plain   SuperVisor
1 Seyedeh Mahsa Marmari Jirandehi February  2017Climatology The next century projection of wind energy production in Rudbar based on climate scenarios   SuperVisor

Course: B.Sc
No. Student Date of Defence Field Topic Supervisor/ Advisor
5 mahnaz jafari _JUNE  2013Climatology Probability Analysis ofYears with Heavy Precipitation Years in Iran   SuperVisor
4 Farhad Rashidi _JUNE  2013Climatology Analysis of Heavy Precipitation over Iran during 1965-2005   SuperVisor
3 Nayereh Jeriaie _JUNE  2013Climatology Analysis of Severe Drought in Iran during 1965-2005   SuperVisor
2 Elham Doostifar _JUNE  2013Climatology Probability Analysis ofHeavy Precipitation in Iran   SuperVisor
1 Leyla Ahadi _JUNE  2013Climatology Probability Analysis ofYears with Low Precipitation in Iran   SuperVisor



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