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Last Update: 7-9-2018
Two-mass control system

-The system is dual-core, which can be connected by a fan, and by adding one (or two) other springs, these masses can be connected to a fixed base at both ends. The control of the position of one of the germs with other mass stimulation is the target of the controller studied in this system, which is constructed using plasticizers. Two GP2Y0A21YK Sharp infrared sensors have been used to measure the position of two masses by measuring distances between 10 and 80 cm with a precision of less than 1 mm. The servo motor used in this system is the servo motor MG996R, with a maximum mass of 11 (Kg.cm) and a speed of 2.38 (rad / s). In this system, the Mega2560 Arduino board is powered by a 5V and 3A power supply.

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