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Yousefali Abedini

Membership In Councils or Scientific Societies

Member of Iranian Phys. Soc., From 1984.
- Member of Iranian International Institute for Earthquake Eng. And Seismology, from 1997.
- Member of Iranian Geology Soc., from 1999.
- Member of Iranian Association of Enviromental Health., from 2000.
- Member of Iranian Association of Enviromental specialists, from 2002.
- Member of Iranian Synoptical and Dynamical meterology researchs committee, from 1999.
- Member in Zanjan Atmospheric hazarda committee, from 1996.
- Member in Zanjan Earthquake committee, Zanjan, Iran, from 1996.
- Member in Air pollution committee in Zanjan, Zanjan, Iran, from 2002.
- Member in Zanjan Quality committee, Zanjan research and standard office, Zanjan, Iran, from 2001.




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